Venus in Sagittarius – What It Means & How It Affects Your Life

An event which happens every now and then in astrology is the merging of the planets and zodiac signs. This seemingly innocuous mixing has a profound influence on the life of individuals it affects. And even though most people tend to dismiss this fact, it does not make it less true.

This article will be looking at one of such mergers; the presence of Venus in Sagittarius. What happens when love mixes with free spirit and adventure?

Will it tame the adventurer or let it run wild? Let’s find out the answers together.

The symbolism of Venus in Sagittarius

Venus is the planet in charge of affection, love, wealth, self-worth, gracefulness, and beauty. In astrology, it is normally depicted as the ruler of our pleasures, the material things we are attached to, our feelings, and desires.

Sagittarius, on the other hand, is ruled by the planet of Jupiter. The zodiac’s ninth sign is primarily associated with an insatiable quest for knowledge, foreign religion, long journeys, foreign traditions and cultures.

When Venus assumes control of Sagittarius, albeit temporarily, it sparks an innate desire for the influenced individuals to seek for knowledge different from all they have known. This is done by embarking on long distance travels to observe other traditions, religions and cultures.

Fortunately, this natal placement imbues a love for travelling in the persons influenced; making it easy for them to seek out new frontiers.

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General characteristics of Venus in Sagittarius

Individuals with this natal chart are natural-born optimists; they have a habit of looking for the good in situations where it is absent. This trait is one major reason they love hanging around people with a positive outlook.

Since Venus in Sagittarius also value humour, they won’t ever be found in the company of Debbie Downers. Pro tip, if you want to be their friend, just have a great sense of humour!

Venus in Sagittarius personalities tends to avoid any form of responsibility. While this is usually misinterpreted as them being lazy, in reality, these individuals see responsibility as a chain that restricts their freedom.

The uttermost desire of these adventurers is to be able to come and go as they please; so to them, responsibility is synonymous with restrictions.

Also, Venus in Sagittarius despise environments where they have to act according to set rules. Freedom is so important to them that they perceive life without it as worthless.

Making friends comes easy to Venus in Sagittarius. In fact, it is not an unusual thing for them to have friends in every place they visit. Their natural curiosity, outgoing nature, and happy-go-lucky personalities readily attracts people to them.

When individuals with this natal placement want or desire something, they stop at nothing to get it. Obviously, this happens because Sagittarius allows Venus to act without any restrictions. So, it is impossible to see these individuals keep their emotions or desires in check.

Positive traits of Venus in Sagittarius

If Venus in Sagittarius is your natal placement, you will agree that you view life as an all or nothing journey. Your motto is ‘live life to the fullest’; a maxim that you take very seriously.

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It is hard to pin you down to a place as you are always on the move to discover new friends, new places, new adventures, and new experiences.

However, it is not really your fault because you always find yourself inexplicably drawn to exploration and learning.

Most people are drawn to you because of your positive energy. When this energy is mixed with your delicious sense of humour, it forms a combination that is irresistible to everyone around you.

In addition, your exuberant energy and zest for life makes you the life of every party. Your natural optimism also inspires those around you.

For you, life is all about freedom and you will do whatever it takes to keep it that way. Those close to you might notice how fiercely independent you are.

But what they don’t know is that your independent streak is buoyed by the fear of losing your freedom.

So, you are not afraid to explore the world alone. Presence or absence of company does not matter to you as you are quite secure in yourself.

Negative traits of Venus in Sagittarius

A life of adventure involves taking a huge amount of risks; a factor these individuals do not mind. In their search of the next adventure, Venus in Sagittarius are willing to blow through their finances so as to get the premium experience they crave. This action results in them spending on frivolities, gambling, and overspending.

Also, personalities with this natal placement are not renowned for their patience. If they want something, it is a must that their desires are fulfilled immediately.

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They don’t mind paying exorbitant fees to immediately get their wish. This desire for instant gratification makes people take advantage of them.

Besides, if not carefully monitored and handled, they could put a significant strain on their finances.

Thanks to their all or nothing mindset, these individuals tend to over-indulge in practically everything, whether it is food, pleasure, drink, or spending. Moderation is not a word that can be found in their vocabulary.

In addition, Venus in Sagittarius does not welcome criticisms of any kind, whether it be constructive or otherwise. An easy way to make them cut you off is to criticize them.

These persons do this because they associate criticisms with negative energy and pessimism; two traits that completely turn them off.

Venus in Sagittarius and relationships

Persons with this natal chart tend to be the center of attention wherever they go, so it’s nothing new for them to constantly be in relationships. They love their relationships to be fun and adventure-seeking.

This is why they easily bond with people who are as curious and travel-obsessed as they are. They are not fans of emotional issues and will not hesitate to leave when a relationship becomes weighted down with too much drama.

It is also not easy for them to solely commit to one partner. Their curious nature pushes them to play the field and experiment on the side. It is no wonder that they have a reputation for being players in the dating world.

If you are currently dating a Venus in Sagittarius, you should be okay with their independent streak before fully committing to them.

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In the event that you attempt to undermine their independence, it will be seen as you wanting to restrict their freedom. A conclusion that will immediately spur them to abandon any thought of dating you.

Bottom line

Venus in Sagittarius personalities are the real-life depiction of the phrase, ‘Go big or go home’. Their positivity, humor, and boundless freedom lights up a rather dreary world.

However, their ability to apply moderation in their quest for adventure will determine how far they will go in life.