Angel Number 818 Meaning – The Secrets Behind 818

Angel Number 818

Every human on earth today has guardian angels. Even though this fact might be difficult for some people to believe, it does not make it less true.

These angels are given to us to help us through our journey on earth. Their work on earth includes giving us guidance in moments of confusion, providing succor, helping us in our times of need, and being our personal cheerleader through difficult times.

However, because angels are beings that are not of this realm, they have to devise a means through which they can communicate with us on earth.

A major communication channel readily adopted by them is the use of a repeating set of numbers popularly called angel numbers. In this article, we will be reviewing a particularly common angel number, 818.

The symbolism of angel number 818

To enable you truly understand the message angel number 818 carries, let’s first of all look at what 818 symbolizes in numerology.

Number 1 is typically associated with independence, assertiveness, new beginnings, ambition, self-leadership, tenacity, goals pursuit, changes, beliefs, and instinct.

On its own, the number 8 stands for truth, dependability, power, self-reliance, integrity, confidence, authority, positive manifestations, and the whole karma concept.

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Their combination, such as that found in 818, blends the vibrations, attributes, and energies in both numbers into one and at the same time, it magnifies and heightens their influence.

In essence, angel number 818 symbolizes the end of a significant phase and the beginnings of something new in your life. It is a subtle message by the universe that you need to get rid of the junk in your life and start again on a fresh slate.

The meaning behind angel number 818

If you have been seeing the angel number 818 lately, here is the meaning behind it.

You are being asked to take control of your life

When you see the angel number 818, know that it is a prompting from the universe that you need to embrace self-leadership. You have to pick up the reins of your life and steer it in the direction you wish to go.

Stop looking for happiness in places or people that are outside of your control. Stop clinging to people just because you are scared of facing life alone.

Also, you might not know it, but your neediness is bringing the wrong type of energy into your life. Through the angel number 818, your spirit guides are telling you to be responsible for yourself, your actions, and your happiness.

You have the ability to survive without attaching yourself to anybody. Seize the reins of your life now!

You are being urged to trust your gut

If you constantly seek the opinions of other people because it means everything to you, now is the time to let that habit go.

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Your guardian angels are telling you, through angel number 818, that you should start paying attention to yourself and your own opinions. Doing this includes actions such as listening to your thoughts and internal voices.

What do you feel deep down in your gut? What do you know to be true in your heart?

Enough of basing your actions on what people say about you. It is time you stop looking for approval from people and just do you. Remember, people will always talk irrespective of how bad or good your actions are.

So their opinions should not mean anything to you. Block out the never-ending chatter from outsiders and focus solely on what is more important to you.

You are being encouraged to surround yourself with only positive energy.

Negativity is one energy you do not want to have in your life. Apart from the fact that it severely impedes your progress in life, it also cuts you off from the flow of inspiration given by the universe.

To keep this from happening to you, your spirit guides are telling you to cut off negative and toxic vibes from your life.

Be ruthless about this because it can be the difference between you fulfilling your life’s purpose or falling by the wayside. Ensure that you are only surrounded by positive energy and vibes. As long as you keep to this, you will notice that you will gain clarity and also tap directly into the flow of the universe.

You are ripe for a new beginning

Seeing angel number 818 is a major indicator that a chapter in your life is getting to its final stop and a new story is about to start. As a result, your spirit guides want you to seize the opportunity and begin afresh.

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Whatever is done in the past is now in the past and you should stop being fixated on it. Rid yourself of the feelings of regrets, guilt, shame, or any other bad residue from the past.

If there are any lessons to learn, do so, and close the book on the past. It no longer has any control over you; it is time for you to let it go.

Now that you have done that, get yourself ready for what is coming ahead. Put yourself in a state of mind to learn and make the most of this new opportunity that the universe has given to you.

Whatever you do, walk closely with your guardian angels and never hesitate to ask for support when you are stumped.

You are urged to always be conscious of karma

Karma is one of the immutable laws of the universe that happens to everyone of us. If you are not familiar with the karma concept, it is the belief that whatever you do to others, will be done to you.
Your guardian angels want you to use the concept of karma to shape everything you do. Have it at the back of your mind that every action you take on your life’s journey will return to you later on.

In that case, strive to be good in all your interactions with people. Be kind, don’t withhold help from people who are genuinely in need, and share your blessings with those who do not have.

When you do this, the universe will ensure that you are rewarded for all of your positive actions.

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To round up

If your life has devolved into a dreary form of routine, rejoice because another exciting phase of your life’s journey is just about to begin.

But to ensure that you are in the right frame of mind to fully experience it, you have to trust your instincts, do good deeds, cut off the toxicity, and assume control of your life.

Finally, never forget to call on your spirit guides for help. They are only too happy to offer their services.