Venus In The 11th House – Love and Friendship

Venus In The 11th House

Venus in the 11th house combines love, friendship, and being social. This is a powerful intersection between the planet that governs love and affection and the house of blessings and charity.

Venus in the 11th house is often seen as a positive astrological combination, but there are some challenges that come with having this planet in this particular house.

What Does Venus Mean For Astrology – All Kinds Of Relationships

Venus is the goddess of love and the first thing you recognize about this astrological body is that it connects with passion, romance, and physical attraction.

Venus is definitely one of the biggest players when it comes to romance in your astrological chart, but it also has other associations when it comes to relationships.

Venus also comes into play when it comes to your relationship to the physical world. This includes your relationship to money, your work, and even how you find physical pleasure in relaxing and healing from the challenges of life.

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What Is The 11th House – Support And Blessings

In astrology, the 11th house is the house of support and blessings.

This house speaks to how you relate to your friends and the people you consider to be part of your support group. This connects us to how we give and receive charity and how we find our personal support in larger groups.

The 11th House also has to deal with our ideals and wish fulfillment. There are things we hope for in life that might not seem like they are reachable from where we stand today, but the 11th house helps us find our way towards our deepest wishes.

What Does Venus In 11th House Mean – Personality Traits

Having a natal Venus in the 11th house placement naturally connects your relationships and physical desires with the house of support and blessings.

These individuals seek out interesting friendships and social relationships and are often very fortunate when it comes to money.

Here are eight personality traits that you can find in an individual with a Venus in the 11th house placement.

1 Getting More Out of Social Situations

If you’ve got a Venus in the 11th house placement in your natal chart, you should try cozying up to more social events.

While some people can get by flying solo and do just fine, individuals with this placement often make the biggest and most positive impacts on their lives while being social.

This might involve getting yourself out of your comfort zone, but it will open the door for everything from new friendships, to new romances, to even better financial opportunities.

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The people you’ve been looking for are out there in the crowd and you need to mingle to find them.

2 A Strong Sense of Devotion

Having a Venus in the 11th house placement is an excellent sign when it comes to devotion. These individuals are committed to their friends, lovers, and the political causes they stand for. This is especially the case when those things are also tied to the social scene this person connects with.

People with a Venus in the 11th house placement are likely going to be the individuals that their friends and loved ones know they can rely on. This is someone who is always down to lend a hand as long as they are able.

3 Trust Your Instincts

You probably already picked up on this, but having a Venus 11th house placement means that a large portion of a person’s personality and self perception is going to be based on their relationship to their community. This creates a challenge when it comes to resisting being swept away with the social tide.

One of the most important things that these individuals can focus on is trusting their instincts. That gut feeling that you got that something might be a little off – that’s something that you need to listen to.

Your instincts are tapped in it to subtle, even subliminal cues that your conscious mind might be missing.

4 Watch Your Social Ego

These individuals are also going to face a challenge when it comes to their ego as it relates to their position in their social circles.

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It’s easy to get a little pretentious and full of yourself when you’re really good at climbing the social ladder.

It’s vital to keep in mind that other people are introverted and can struggle in social situations. Use your natural social grace to help lift up other people rather than lording it over them.

5 You Might Not Find Your Love on a Dating App

So many people out there seem to be finding the person for them on dating apps, but that might not be the case for someone with a Venus in 11th house placement.

Venus is, after all, the planet that governs love, and since the 11th house is all about the social scene, you’re probably going to meet the love of your life out there somewhere in the world. The best way to do this is just to get social.

Find the social activities that you love and the love of your life will find you.

6 The Social Diplomat

If you have a Venus in the 11th house in your natal chart, you probably found yourself in a position of being the social diplomat.

This is someone who negotiates arguments between friends, helps build relationships between colleagues at work, and always seems to be connecting new people who just naturally get along.

7 Share Your Cheer

This person is also going to be naturally cheerful. They might not have a bubbly personality, but they do have a way of bringing joy to the social situations that they enter.

8 The Friendship Builder

If there’s one thing that everyone with a Venus in 11th house placement excels at, it’s building friendships.

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You can always count on this individual for not only building up their own friendships, but connecting new people we’re going to be excellent colleagues as well as friends.

Is Venus Good In The 11th House?

No astrological placement is strictly bad or good, but a Venus in the 11th house placement in your natal chart is a positive sign.

This often signals that an individual will be very open to new social experiences, build committed friendships and romantic relationships, and often be very fortunate when it comes to money matters.

This individual also might face some challenges when it comes to being impulsive and maybe even a little pretentious. Their sense of self might be tied up in their presence in social circles rather than being rooted and something more stable.

Overall, having a Venus in the 11th house placement is good.

Venus In 11th House Synastry

Individuals with natal Venus in 11th house placement bring a lot to the relationships that they are in.

They are loving, devoted, and often bring good financial luck with them. They tend to look for partners that keep things interesting by offering variety and being just as ready to embrace the new as someone with a Venus in 11th house placement.

However, they can also be a little naive when it comes to romance. These individuals can become swept up in the affections of someone who can take them on adventures, but might not be a good long-term match.

It’s good to pump the brakes every now and then in a new relationship and evaluate where you are, how you’re being treated, and where the relationship is heading.

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Venus In 11th House Transit

When Venus transits to the 11th house, there are a few things that you should watch for a new life.

This is a great time for friendship and group activities. This is the perfect time to invite your friends over, add to a big social gathering, or finally make the move to volunteer with that cause that you’ve been wanting to support.

They say that friendships build the strongest romantic relationships and when Venus transits through the 11th house this is especially true. If you are starting to have romantic feelings for someone, this is an ideal transit for starting to build a strong friendship with that person.

Don’t be worried about getting “friend-zoned” during this transit. The most long-lasting relationships have a strong friendship as their foundation.

Wrapping Up Venus In The 11th House

Venus in the 11th house is a positive sign to see in your natal chart. It represents good fortune when it comes to money and the great sensibility for building friendships and being social. It’s also a sign that your love life could be more easygoing than most and who doesn’t want to see that?

Venus in the 11th house is powerful when in transit. Use this as an opportunity to build your friendships, go out and be more social than you might usually be, and be open to new financial opportunities that might only come by once.

In short this placement is all about love, friendship, and the social connections we build that are important for both romance and platonic relationships.