Crystals For Motivation – Here Are The Top 8

Crystals For Motivation

Stuck in a rut and can’t see any way out? Well, we might just have a surprising solution for you.

Life is fraught with challenges that can leave anyone exhausted. And it is quite understandable when people lose their motivation to go after their dreams.

To help you on your journey, we recommend that you consider crystal healing.

And contrary to what you might be thinking, this is not a new age ideology. Crystal healing has been practiced for as long as mankind has existed.

In fact, the ancient Greeks (largely considered the creators of modern society) practiced crystal healing of many kinds. The word crystal even comes from the Greek word ‘krustullos’ which means ice.

With that said, we will consider the crystals for motivation in this article. And if your life’s journey has become incredibly difficult, you might just find the perfect crystal to help you.

1 Carnelian

Color: Orange, red

This stabilizing energy crystal should definitely be your top crystal for motivation.

The carnelian crystal is known for releasing tons of vitality, energy, and movement to its wearers. Its vibrant color and warm hues add sparks of joy and passion into your personal tasks. But carnelian is not only about motivation.

It also keeps you disciplined and focused enough to achieve your goal. Moreover, it helps you persist in difficult situations that are necessary for your life’s journey. If you are looking to stimulate creativity in addition to motivation, carnelian also fits the bill.

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This crystal opens your sacral and root chakras, ridding your aura of any fear and doubt that are impeding your creativity.

2 Apatite

Color: Blue

If you need a crystal to help you with your ambitions, then this blue crystal is for you. Its store of energy can stimulate your intelligence and help you look at life positively.

Moreover, the apatite can ensure that your yin-yang energy is sufficiently balanced. When this happens, your lethargy is removed and you get the boost needed to tackle issues at hand.

This crystal also replaces your negative thoughts with the knowledge that is helpful for achieving your goals. Just having it with you can cleanse your aura with the added benefit of an improved and sharpened mental focus.

Business persons and students love this crystal because it improves memory stores and concentration.

3 Red Tiger’s Eye

Color: Brownish red

Struggling with feelings of laziness and apathy? Then the red tiger’s eye crystal should be the exact thing you need.

This crystal is noted for imbuing its wearer with energy to help rid them of tiredness. It also helps you develop the confidence to go after your tasks with vigor and boldness. Not only that, it pushes you to do all you can to succeed at life.

Also called dragon’s eye, this crystal connects you with your true self. This is especially important because life can distract you from your path. And if you are to succeed in the end, you must remain true to yourself and your values at all times.

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So with this connection to self, the red tiger’s eye provides an oasis that you can always return to when life gets particularly hectic.

4 Amethyst

Color: Purple, lavender

The amethyst is another crystal for motivation. People who wear this crystal for the first time feel an inexplicable urge to begin working on things they have put off for a while. But there is a twist to this urge.

Since it promotes meditation, the amethyst will first help you discern your motive behind going for a certain goal. This is necessary because you want to be sure that your reasons for choosing a goal are noble.

Once you have figured out your motive, the amethyst will then embolden you to begin the actual planning process of attaining the goal. In addition, the amethyst will guide you to make realistic goals, so you can get a tremendous boost when you achieve them.

Most importantly, the soothing energy emanating from this crystal gets rid of anxiety and negative vibes. So in the end, you get a positive environment that is ideal for making your dreams come true.

5 Almandine Garnet

Color: Red, black, reddish brown

This crystal is perfect for those who need guts and boldness to reach for success.

It gives off a protective and strong energy that overrides your inhibitions or fears. By keeping you grounded, this crystal saturates you with enough confidence to go after what you want.

The almandine garnet is also ideal for boosting perseverance. If you have an undesirable task and are at the verge of giving up, you should have this crystal handy. It motivates its wearer to persist at a task especially when their self-limiting beliefs are holding them back.

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This crystal also boosts your passion and makes you achieve success with your own talents.

6 Orange Calcite

Color: Orange, yellow

You should include this creativity stone in your stash of motivation crystals. The orange calcite has a soft and beautiful energy that clears stagnation and lethargy from your aura. After removing this negative energy, it then adds a significant boost to your confidence and ambition. With this, you have a much easier time getting to your real potential.

However, that is not the only thing the orange calcite does. If you are depressed or have lost your sense of purpose, you should definitely consider this crystal.

First, the positive energy of this crystal will clear out any self-worth issue you may have. Then it goes ahead to amplify your energy and gets you in tune with your talents and passion.

7 Tangerine Quartz

Color: Orange

For times when you need things done but lack the willpower, then you should reach for the tangerine quartz.

Its ethereal properties exude an energy that ensures you persist on a task until it is done. The tangerine quartz also boosts your self-confidence and belief so you can get things done quickly.

What’s more, this crystal is ideal for those who lack inspiration. Just place it in contact with your sacral chakra and watch as you come up with new ideas that could benefit your task.

8 Red Jasper

Color: Red

Most people tend to overlook red jasper because of its gentle properties. But if you need endurance to keep at a task, this is the crystal for you.

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Due to its strong connection to the earth, it provides stability and keeps you grounded even in stressful periods. This stability then gives you the confidence to proceed with your plans despite any obstacles in your path.

Better still, red jasper clears out negative auras around you and saturates you with positivity. This means that you take on life with a smile no matter the challenges.

There’s More To Crystal Healing Than Meets The Eye…

Crystals are healing, energetic, and magnetic. There is no reason for you to walk around unmotivated when you can harness the empowering energy they contain.

Take advantage of the benefits they offer and use them to heal, motivate, and inspire you when you need it most.