10 Signs a Virgo Man is Serious About You

Signs a Virgo Man is Serious About You

If you’re looking for signs that the Virgo man in your life might be interested in taking things to the next level, this guide is for you!

Virgos are known for being analytical and practical. As a result, it can be difficult to tell what they are feeling.

Understanding the mysterious ways of a Virgo man can help you get an idea of whether or not a relationship with him has any potential. Fortunately, you don’t have to guess his intentions.

Here, we’ll reveal signs a Virgo man is serious about you and wants to commit based on astrology insights and practical advice that considers behavior patterns associated with Virgo men. Discover his love language and determine if he deeply cares about you.

He’s So Reliable Toward You

Reliable couple with moving boxes working together

A Virgo man in love will do all that he can to help and uplift his lady. He will suddenly shift from a casual dater to someone willing to drop everything and make life easier for the woman he’s serious about being with long-term.

This man will prove he is 100% in by respecting your boundaries. He will also respect deadlines, always telling the truth and jumping in during times of crisis to get you out of tight spots.

When he’s struggling, he will fully communicate that so he’s transparent and you know what to expect. He is accountable for his mistakes, but usually, he fixes his mess-ups before you ever get a chance to see them. If he says he will do something, you can rest assured and consider it done.

His reliability is his way of telling you that he cares, wants to be with you, and values you. It is the ultimate sign he wants a long-term relationship with you.

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He’s Protective Of You

Virgo men who are casually dating are not protective nor possessive. If he starts acting possessive or protective, then it means that he sees you differently. The chances are that he respects you and wants to be serious (and possibly exclusive). This behavior will show up as him:

  • Ensuring your safety, like walking you home, walking you to your door, and offering to drive you to new areas when you’re nervous.
  • Asking you how you’re feeling and genuinely caring about your response.
  • Taking your side in public, even if you’re wrong.
  • Speaking up for you, even if you’re not around to hear it.
  • Taking a sudden interest in your whereabouts to ensure you’re safe wherever you go, even if he’s not with you.
  • Taking care of you by bringing homemade meals, checking your tire pressure, reminding you to rest, or helping you plan for upcoming deadlines.
  • Keeping some of his problems to himself so that you aren’t stressed out or burdened by them.

He Makes A Strong Effort To Stay In Touch

Man chatting on phone

Communication is of utmost importance to the Virgo man, especially when he feels himself falling in love. He is independent, but that doesn’t stop him from taking time off his busy day to check up on you and stay in the loop. He may not see you daily, but he will ensure to call and text regularly. If you’re in a long-distance relationship with him, expect to video chat a lot too.

Don’t worry about this constant communication. It will never feel like a tedious chore or obligation. Virgo men have brilliant minds that run at one hundred miles an hour. Therefore, there are plenty of engaging conversations for you two to have.

He’s a great texter too. He can pick up on subtle differences and changes in typing behavior, so you can’t hide your feelings from him even if you want to.

If a Virgo man is falling for you, expect him to call regularly to ask about your day or what is on your mind. His questions are genuine, no matter how silly or mundane they may seem. Don’t be afraid to dish out the details! And, of course, do your best to contribute to the conversation. Ask him good questions in return, and let him know if you’ll be away from your phone for a while.

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If you want to create a solid relationship with a Virgo man, your secret weapon is open and honest communication.

You Get To See His Sentimental And Romantic Side

One thing to know about the Virgo man is that he pays close attention to even the most minuscule details. As such, he comes across as a hopeless romantic but sentimental in the best possible ways. He tries to reserve these characteristics only for the special people in his life because it takes a lot of effort and energy. He has probably been hurt or had this sweet nature taken advantage of in the past too, so if he acts sentimental or extra sweet to you, it’s because he is serious about you and the life you may someday build together.

Make sure you meet his vulnerable offerings with grace, appreciation, and, of course, reciprocation. It really takes a lot of nerve for Virgo men to show this side of themselves!

He Supports You In Every Way Possible

A clear sign that he’s serious about you is that he acts incredibly supportive of you, your abilities, your dreams, and your long-term goals.

Not only does he believe in you, but he’s willing (and happy) to put in the work to help you out with your aspirations.

  • He listens to you.
  • He tells you that he believes in you.
  • He offers help.
  • He does all the little things to make your life easier. For instance, if you have a massive project due for work, he may not be able to help with the project, but it’s likely he’ll bring you a meal, offer to help you straighten up your apartment while you work, or take you out to a quiet coffee shop, so you feel inspired to get the work done. His efforts may be hands-on or behind the scenes, but no matter what, he’s there, and he’s doing his best to make you feel supported and capable.
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He Will Feel Like Your Best Friend

Couple taking a selfie together looking happy

In love, a Virgo man is like a husband in many ways. He will be supportive, reliable, and sentimental. Furthermore, he will feel like your best friend. His consistent communication, good-natured ways, and interest in your life will make him an integral part of your life in no time. It won’t take long for you to see him as your closest friend.

When it starts to click together with a Virgo man, your lives will effortlessly mesh together in the most beautiful of ways.

Be warned, though, as this intensity and immediate closeness will make it incredibly difficult for you two to have a clean break if your relationship fails. You quickly become integral parts of one another’s lives, so it isn’t easy to know where one of your interests ends and where the other’s begins.

The risk is worth the reward, though. If your relationship succeeds, you two will work incredibly well together, ultimately uplifting and improving each other in countless ways. You have the potential to alter each other’s lives in beautiful ways.

He’s Emotionally Available And Vulnerable With You

On the surface, Virgo men are surprisingly guarded. In fact, they will not show any weaknesses or vulnerabilities with the general population. So a telltale sign that a Virgo man is ready to move forward with the relationship is when they can open up and show their hidden softer side.

Initially, this may look like sharing details about their daily life or talking about how they feel in relation to you. Later, it develops into him talking about his biggest fears, painful failures, embarrassments, or opening up about complex topics and traumas.

Emotional availability in a Virgo man shows up as him talking about a future with you, opening up about where things went wrong in previous relationships, discussing how you two could work through your problems together, and him being open with his intentions for you. Or at least, him starting to show some variation of fondness publicly for you.

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You Get To Meet His Friends And Family

When it comes to relationships, there’s no denying that meeting the friends and family members of your significant other is an important milestone. If the Virgo man in your life is suddenly asking you to hang out with his friends and family, it’s a surefire sign that he’s serious about you. After all, for some men (especially Virgos), this takes a great deal of trust and commitment.

He isn’t just introducing you to his favorite people. He’s making it known that you might be with him for the long haul. Besides that, by sharing his life and allowing you to make an impact, he’s showing how much he values what you have and what the two of you can build together.

If a Virgo man has opened himself up to you this way, take it as a serious compliment. He likely sees that there is something special between the two of you.

If he hasn’t done this just yet, don’t panic. Try to be patient. It might take time for him to reach this level of comfort with you. The analytical nature of the Virgo man often means he’s going to show an abundance of caution because this moment is quite important to him.

He Notices The Little Things

Friends sharing a hot drink

When it comes to falling in love, Virgo men are notorious for being a bit on the shy side. He probably doesn’t talk much, which may lead you to falsely believe he isn’t interested or doesn’t care to listen to you. If he’s interested, he will really surprise you here!

If your Virgo man notices the little things about you even when no one else does, then he’s definitely feeling something irresistible between you two.

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For example, he may remember that you mentioned in passing that you liked a particular type of coffee days or weeks before. Then he may surprise you by having a cup perfectly brewed waiting for you when he picks you up. Or maybe he remembers you have a meeting at work that has you nervous, so he sends you a quick text just a few minutes before it to calm you down and reassure you.

A Virgo man in love can retain precious scraps of minor information for months and even years just to treat you at the right moment and make you feel extra loved and secure. It’s one of his best strengths as a romantic partner.

These subtle but sweet details show that your Virgo man is paying close attention to every detail about you and really cares about what makes you tick!

He Goes Out Of His Way For You

The Virgo man is usually pretty reserved, but when he starts going out of his way for you, it’s a surefire sign that your relationship means more to him than most.

Maybe you mentioned a pop-up concert you wanted to go to with your friends, but you already promised to babysit your sister’s kids. He may randomly offer to take your place so you can go out.

Or perhaps you texted him that you’re pulling an all-nighter to finish a project before the deadline. Don’t be shocked if he shows up at your door with some caffeine, takeout, and a big smile to help you make it through your work.

Are you having car trouble two hours away from his house? He’s on his way with his tool kit and a friend to help you out.

If a Virgo man takes the plunge and acts outside his daily routine or seems to bend backward for you, he likely sees you as somebody worth building a life with and growing old together. You have to be really important to him for him to act this way, so take a deep breath and lean into him and the impending relationship. You’ve got yourself a fantastic guy.