How Does a Virgo Man Test You?

How Does a Virgo Man Test You?

Are you currently dating a Virgo man, or are you considering dating one?

If so, it’s essential to understand the signs he gives off when testing your compatibility—like subtle clues that he might be trying to figure out if you two are a good match for each other.

Don’t worry, if he’s testing you, it’s because he feels that you two have a decent chance. These tests won’t last forever either. Once he knows and understands you, he will back off and the situation will have a lot less tension.

Men born under the Virgo sign can be known for their analytical nature and attention-to-detail personality traits, which often manifest in them wanting to test partners before taking things further.

If this is something that sounds familiar, its time to find out why. Through this post, we will cover some of the ways a Virgo man might test his potential partner while they’re getting acquainted.

He Encourages You To Talk About Yourself, A Lot

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A Virgo is always looking beneath the surface – you can expect this zodiac to ask questions that go beyond pleasantries and small talk.

He wants to get an honest look at who you really are, so he’ll probe deep into your past experiences and current hopes for the future. Facing his interrogation-like inquiries might be intimidating, but it’s important not to steer away from showing him who you truly are.

Be yourself, sure he may be testing you, but you don’t want to be with someone who isn’t a good fit for you anyway. So be yourself and see where things lead.

Remember that it won’t take perfection. All a Virgo man needs in a partner is someone he sees as genuine in their feelings or values… So don’t hesitate; let him know what makes you unique! It’s okay to open up and be a little vulnerable; Virgo men are usually safe people to get emotionally intimate with.

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This is not something he will always do either; once he is sure that you are a good match for him, his questions will really slow down, and you won’t feel like you’re in the hot seat forever.

He Gives Unsolicited Advice Or Criticism

A Virgo is all about self-improvement and wants to make sure the same applies for those around them.

If you are in a relationship with a Virgo, don’t be surprised if he gives you some unsolicited advice or criticism; it’s his way of testing your response.

The best thing to do when receiving this kind of feedback from him is to take it into consideration as much as possible instead of getting defensive.

Think about how you can use that information to become better than before.

Despite their natural tendency towards judgmental behavior, at its core Virgos’ critiques come from an innate motivation to try and help people grow by recognizing weaknesses that need improvements.

If his advice or criticism upsets or irritates you, it may be a good idea for you to move on a seek a relationship elsewhere. While he may be able to break the habit of sharing his ideas unprompted, it will be difficult for him to stop doing, and it may never happen. Take this into consideration before jumping into a relationship with him.

He Asks You About Your Goals

Vision for the future

If you are looking for something serious with a Virgo, be prepared to have your future plans asked about, extensively.

These guys like someone who is driven and has clear goals in mind; they want their partner to demonstrate the same ambition as them – it’s all part of passing his test!

Talking not only about career aspirations but also personal dreams helps show that there is more than meets the eye when aiming high after mutual objectives together.

If you have a rock-solid five-year plan, consider him putty in your hands. He loves organization and big aspirational dreams. If you have a sense of purpose in your life, he’s going to find that irresistible attractive and want to become a part of that plan, if possible.

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Another major reason why he asks about your goals is to figure out the type of person you are at your core, and how you want to live your life. A subtle underlying tone in this conversation is “are you also a self-sufficient person?”.

Virgo men love to have a few hobbies and interests that belong only to them, and they do not want to involve anyone else in this part of their life because their fierce independence is so important to them.

He wants to know if you’re also happy to be in your own little world at times. If you’re an independent person, it’s more likely that your relationship with the Virgo man is possible.

He Pays Attention To Your Communication Skills, And Tests How You React To Him In Conversation

In relationships, Virgo men want their partners to really understand them on an emotional level.

Showing understanding and kindness when discussing complex issues is critical here. He really doesn’t want someone with a habit of shutting down or getting defensive! He needs a partner who can manage their feelings effectively while being understanding of his.

So make sure you’re able to stay calm in conversation even if things get tough or heated; think before speaking so you don’t resort to defensive language when talking about touchy subjects; and seek out opportunities for betterment if needed!

Showing overall emotional intelligence in general- and not just related to him- matters too.

If you feel like your communication skills could use some polishing up, educate yourself in the art of having empathetic conversations. This will help you all throughout life, not just in situations related to handsome Virgo men.

He Lightly Pushes Some Boundaries

It’s a high priority for the Virgo man to be with someone who has a strong sense of self and nearly unbreakable boundaries.

He does this to see your character type, and how strong of a person you are. Mental toughness and firmness in your boundaries speaks volumes about emotional maturity, which is a major component for Virgo men.

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Have the confidence and emotional maturity to say “no” when necessary while still ensuring your needs are respected. So, for instance, if you need some breathing room after an argument with him, simply ask for it. Your comfort matters in this relationship. Don’t be afraid to say no without feeling guilty about having those healthy limits.

He may push your boundaries some. This is not him trying to knock you down; it’s him sizing you up. If he asks you to skip your daily trip to the gym that you’ve said is important to do something with him, he’s trying to figure out how serious you are about yourself (and your goals). Turning down his offer to stick to your goals will impress him and earn more of his respect.

Understanding that showing strength by asserting yourself can help foster trust in your partner will seriously improve the quality of the relationship.

He Tests To See If You’re A Reliable And Consistent Person

This test ties into the last one on boundaries.

He’s going to pay close attention to your commitments, and how you react to changes. He wants a partner who will make it work and overcome even high hurdles to be consistent and reliable.

Always follow through with your promises, be truthful when you’re struggling to keep up, and keep an open line of communication.

He does not expect you to work yourself to exhaustion or overcommit and stress yourself out. But if you say that you’ll get that project finished over the weekend and to your boss Monday morning, he’s going to quietly check in on you and see if you try to push the deadline or if you diligently work on it as you said you would.

Your follow-through with these commitments doesn’t even have to be significant. Even a small task, like taking the trash to the curb weekly, can give him a bit of relief, in seeing that you regularly do your part.

He May Have A Friend Test You, Or Try To Catch You In A Lie

Virgo men have to know if their partner is faithful and trustworthy; it’s a major element for them.

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He may have a friend of his flirt with you to see how you react. If you’re faithful, he will have a deeper respect for you, and do more to pursue you in a relationship. Of course, if you fail, you were likely never a good match, and it’s good that you both learn this early on.

Of course, this test may not be about relationships and monogamy either; he could test to see if you’re willing to lie or omit the truth if you think you have the chance to lie.

A Virgo will meticulously remember all the things you tell him to gauge your level of truthfulness. It’s always better to reveal your flaws and mistakes rather than tell a white lie and cover up your undesirable words or actions. He would much rather have a flawed partner than a flawed partner who lies to him.

Tell him everything he needs to know so he knows there are no surprises.

Lastly, he may test to see if you’re a gossip. If he tells you something that is meant to be kept between you two only, he will pay close attention to see if you’ve kept your word and the secret. If he can’t trust you, the relationship is not viable.

He Watches How You Treat Others

Virgos are humanitarians with big hearts who love others and want to do good in this world.

Virgo values kindness, dedication to others, and humanitarian work above all else.

Go above and beyond in showing your willingness to help those around you, even if it’s just lending a listening ear or offering an understanding shoulder for support.

Another excellent way for a Virgo man to recognize your sincere intentions is by volunteering. Not only are volunteer activities beneficial for the community and the people you impact, but they create and strengthen a bond between you and the Virgo man, especially if you decide to use this charitable time as a makeshift date night.

Whether it’s helping out at a soup kitchen, tutoring students, or cleaning kennels at an animal shelter, doing good deeds goes a long way in explaining what kind of person lies beneath that first impression.

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He’s Slow To Return Calls Or Texts

If he suddenly seems slower to return your calls or texts, he may be busy with something else, or this could be a test.

If you get upset that he’s preoccupied elsewhere, he’ll know right away that you are not a good couple. He needs his space and independence, too, even if he really likes you, and he would strongly prefer it if you had your own “you time” as well.

Clingy, desperate, overreactions and a top-controlling nature are red flags to him. He has to make sure that you aren’t any of these undesirable traits.

But, unfortunately, this behavior could also be him, trying to decide if you’re chasing after him if he stops giving you attention. He worries that you don’t like him, and this little test will tell him if you think of him often and want to be near him or if your feelings are disingenuous.

Another reason why he isn’t being consistent with your communication could be because you already acted too clingy or attached for his comfort, and now he’s trying to get away quietly.

He Looks To See If You’re Risk Averse Or Not

Virgo men need you to walk the fine line between simple spontaneity and being a totally crazy risk-taker.

He wants someone who can make educated assumptions and decide wisely. If you are too wild and don’t think your actions through, then he won’t like that.

If you’re in a relationship with a Virgo man, he wants to know that you’re adventurous and willing to take some risks. Getting too crazy with it might push him away too!

To prove yourself as the risk taker-in-chief, try taking small risks together, like discussing feelings or trying out new activities. This can add an extra spark to your bond, which may even surprise both of you.

Show him that you’re willing to go out on the occasional limb by talking through your emotions or tackling something new and exciting as a team – small steps towards risk-taking can help deepen your bond!

However, don’t overdo it; he doesn’t want someone who’s always running wild without thought for consequences either!