What a Virgo Man Wants to Hear: Top 11 Points

What a Virgo Man Wants to Hear

Do you have a remarkable Virgo man in your life? These are the the top 11 things he wants to hear from you.

1 “I Am Here For You, And Nothing Will Ever Change That.”

Virgo men can feel insecure and need consistent love and reassurance from their closest people.

Whether it’s a friend, a family member, or a lover saying this, it feels so comforting for him to know that he is loved and has someone who will be a caring constant in his life.

2 “Your Secrets Are Safe With Me.”

Virgo men don’t like to be vulnerable. Because of this, it can take him quite some time to warm up to someone and finally trust them with his innermost thoughts.

If he trusts someone enough to confide in them, he needs to know that he can REALLY trust them. Of course, they will have to stay true to their word, or he will never trust them again.

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Once you cross a Virgo, he will forgive but never forget. And he will certainly never make that mistake again.

3 “I Understand How You Feel. I’ve Felt Like That Before, Too. It’s Going To Be Okay.”

Virgos, because of their secretive tendencies, rarely feel like they fit in or that others can feel compassion or empathy for them. Reminding the Virgo that you’ve been in his shoes, feeling what he’s feeling, and understanding his innermost self, makes him feel so much better.

Whether it comes from a friend, family member, or lover, this type of intimate connection is rare and exceptionally special to him. He cherishes these little connections and will feel grateful to whoever extends their graces and vulnerability to him.

4 “I Know You Have Some Ugly Traits, But I Still Think You’re A Good Person. I’m Not Here To Judge You.”

Virgo men are no more likely to make mistakes or face hardships in their lives. However, they often feel that they’re the only people who do.

Having a person to reassure them that they are worthy of love, respect, and patience means the world to them.

Additionally, Virgo men don’t like to be tied down or make any serious commitments. When it comes to a lover, they need someone who is open to non-exclusivity or someone who will at least allow him to keep the previous schedule that he had before they met. He is rarely willing to completely alter his life for a relationship, and he will need someone who is understanding of that.

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In some cases, he just needs to go out for a game night with his friends once a week to maintain normalcy.

For others, he may want a relationship, but for each of them to have their separate houses and only meet periodically throughout the week. You won’t know where he falls on this spectrum until you ask, though, so be sure to ask.

5 “I’m Here, And You’re Free To Come And Go As You Please.”

This ties in with the last point but usually applies to his friends and family.

Virgo men are free-spirited and will spend a lot of time out on their own, doing their own things. They need friendships and family members who accept this and allow them to float in and out of their lives at their leisure. Their best people will let them disappear for months at a time, just for them to pop back in with a text asking them to hang out this weekend as if nothing happened.

Don’t smother him. Instead, give him his freedom, and let him explore who he is, as well as the world around him. He will come back to you as soon as he’s able.

Virgo men don’t do this intentionally; it’s just how they naturally operate. Having someone who is willing to put up with their inconsistencies means the world to them.

6 “I’m Listening To You”

Communication is key when it comes to Virgo men. Sure, he may seemingly fall off the face of the Earth for weeks or months on end, but a strong line of communication and a listening ear means so much to him. Continue to be his friend, talk when you can, and, of course, listen to what he has to say.

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If you’re in a relationship with the Virgo man, he’s not likely to disappear for weeks or months, but he will need even better communication. If he feels strongly enough about you to have a relationship with you, then he probably feels confident enough to confide in you.

Even if his secrets feel minor to you, they aren’t to him. More than likely, you’re the only person with who he feels comfortable sharing. No one else in the world knows this about him. So lean in, listen up, and take comfort in knowing how much he cares about you and trusts you.

If you’re feeling confident, share your thoughts, feelings, and secrets with him too. He’ll feel even more loved and honored if you do. If you’re not ready for that yet, simply listening to him with intent and purpose will mean a lot to him. It will also gain his trust and make him feel more connected with you.

7 “You Can Count On Me; I Will Always Be On Your Side.”

A lot of Virgo men tend to feel alone in the world. Reassuring him that you’re on his team and rooting for him to win will make him feel so good.

It doesn’t matter if you’re his friend, colleague, or wife; reassuring the Virgo man that you have his back is a huge deal to him and a gesture he will never forget.

8 “I Know What You’re Thinking.”

Have you spent enough time around your Virgo to know what he’s thinking before he says it out loud? Show that off. Seriously.

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Again, Virgo men often feel a disconnect between themselves and others. If you’re able to finish his sentences or show him that you truly know and care for his innermost self, he will find eternal gratitude and love for you.

Validation means a lot to the Virgo man, and this gesture will go far to validate and comfort him.

9 “That Sounds Reckless Or Self-sabotaging. Are You Okay?”

Virgo men have a wild, spontaneous, reckless side that can frequently land them in hot water. He doesn’t enjoy himself when he self-sabotages, he just has a hard time self-regulating what he’s feeling and what his impulses feel driven to do.

He knows he can be spur of the moment; he just doesn’t know how to rein that behavior in.

If you can calmly, respectfully inject yourself in as a quiet voice of reason, he will appreciate your efforts.

You can’t come into this with a feeling of superiority or even authority. You have to be a little meek and mild, ask him if he’s sure he wants to do this, and help him weigh his other options.

Once his temporary burst of mania subsides, he’s going to see the enormous favor that you did for him, and he is going to be grateful to you for a long time.

The ability to talk him off a cliff is important for friends and family members. For his lover, though, this skill is everything. He’s going to have a wild, rebellious side to him for the rest of his life. Having someone who is the calm to his storm and the rock to his balloon will improve his life for the better and make him fall that much further in love with his life partner.

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10 “You Are Loved.”

Who doesn’t want to hear this one?

At the end of the day, Virgo men want reassurance, unconditional love, and someone who is genuinely there for them. Having a person in his corner who truly loves him for who he is will make him the happiest man on Earth.

11 “Did You Read Her Latest Book? Was That Wild Or What?! Let’s Talk About What It Means.”

If there’s one thing that Virgo men adore, it’s deep, meaningful conversations.

He would rather spend three or four hours a day engaging in philosophical or analytical conversations instead of dealing with two minutes of small talk. Small talk is the Virgo man’s nemesis, and he will stop at nearly nothing to escape it.

Skip the weather talk, ask him why he chose his career, what makes him happy, where he wants to travel next, and how he would spend his money if he were given a million dollars. Deep, hypothetical, philosophical, and analytical chats make him feel more alive and powerful. Engage in that kind of conversation whenever you can.

Final Thoughts

Above all else, Virgo men want to feel heard, seen, understood, loved, and accepted.

If you can convey these feelings to him and reassure him that you are in his life with only good intentions, you will make him feel happier and more at peace with his lifestyle.