Pluto Conjunct Pluto Synastry – The Meaning of Subtle Transformations

Pluto Conjunct Pluto Synastry

Pluto is a planet that is known for its dark, transformative power. Pluto rules over Hell and sits on the edge of the frozen expanse of space, but it’s reputation might be worse than its reality.

The Pluto conjunct Pluto synastry is going to subtly change a relationship over time. This is a growth the two of you will share together. It might take you to unexpected places, but they might not be as scary as they seem.

Let’s unravel one of the most important, and most subtle, connections in all of synastry.

Pluto In Synastry – Synastry’s Mystery Date

Pluto is perhaps the single most misunderstood planet in all of synastry. It’s worth it to unravel some of this misunderstanding before we jump into understanding this connection.

Pluto has a cosmic Association with power, domination, and intensity. This is a planet that signifies long changes and it’s connected with the Greek god of hell. There’s a Darkness to Pluto that nevertheless serves an important cosmological purpose.

All of this intensity is here to bring about change. Pluto is also the slowest planet in astrology. This means that it’s working over the course of generations rather than individual lives. Pluto’s impact on your astrological chart might be intense, the more often than not it’s operating in very subtle ways.

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Conjunct In Synastry – Amplified Power

Conjuncts are one of the planetary aspects that are most interesting when it comes to synastry. Conjuncts occur when a planet directly aligns with another planet. These can be two different planets, or in the case of synastry, the same planet.

You can consider conjuncts as having a multiplying effect. This compounds the energy of both planets and charges up what they have to offer while sharing characteristics with each other.

In the case of two different planets having a conjunct, this means that the positive and challenging qualities of the celestial bodies will overlap and be amplified. In the case of two planets sharing the same conjunct it’s just straight-up magnifying what they have to offer.

Pluto Conjunct Pluto Synastry – Romantic Traits

The Pluto conjunct Pluto synastry has plenty of ways of shaping a relationship. These are subtle and slow-moving changes that you and your partner are going to be facing together. In fact, some of these changes might be so slow moving that it could be years before you even realize that they’ve started.

Here’s a few of the big ones.

1 The Grip of Possession

Let’s start off with one of the challenges that a Pluto conjunct Pluto synastry can have in a relationship. Pluto is known for being an incredibly possessive planet. After all, the mythical god Pluto did not readily give up that which he had claimed.

The conjunction of two Pluto planets can double this possessive nature. This can lead to conflict specifically related to boundaries in the relationship.

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A common way for this to manifest is in regards to boundaries about other individuals and how those boundaries require change in ourselves. If your partner is currently talking to an old ex, that could be a sign of trouble on the horizon, but it could also mean that you need to do the hard work of changing your own possessiveness.

The darkness that Pluto brings isn’t always an external fear, but can often be a fear of confronting ourselves.

2 “Domination” Amplified

Pluto is also deeply associated with the concept of domination. This has some interesting implications when we look at how Pluto planets connect in conjunction in a relationship.

Domination has some clear and negative manifestations that we should talk about first. Being controlling over your partner can quickly go from annoying habits to being outright abusive. A Pluto conjunct Pluto synastry is going to give you the chance to have your worst controlling habits checked by your partner.

This can give you an opportunity for transformation and growth. Even well-meaning controlling habits often come from dark aspects of our own personalities that we are more than a little intimidated by. Seeing them in such clear relief gives you a chance to face what they really are.

This conjunction is also giving you a chance to surrender some of your domination. This might involve exploring your submissive or dominant side in the bedroom. It can also involve giving your partner a share of your dominating-energy and allowing them to grow in areas in life where they find themselves to be more timid.

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3 Getting Past Pluto’s Scary Side

It might be starting to seem like Pluto is bad to see in your synastry. However, this is far from the case. Pluto’s power is much slower and much more subtle than people often give it credit for.

This is especially true when we have a Pluto conjunct Pluto synastry. In a strange way, even though this conjunction is amplifying the energy of these two planets, it’s also tempering this power against itself.

Here’s one way to look at it. The Pluto conjunct Pluto synastry is offering you the opportunity to face the darkness together with your partner.

4 The Power of Subtle Transformation

There is a lot of transformative power in synastry. Looking at how our planets, houses, and signs connect can give us a lot of information about not only how a relationship is today, but also how it’s going to be in the future. Nowhere is this more true than connections that involve Pluto.

The Pluto conjunct Pluto synastry is a doubling of this transformative power. This is a connection that two individuals share that will slowly change who they are, both together and as individuals, over the course of years.

Pluto has a reputation for causing big changes, but not enough people understand that these changes take a long amount of time. Think about the person you were five or 10 years ago and how much they’d be surprised at how your life has changed today. That’s just a small example of the types of change we’re talking about when we look at Pluto conjunct Pluto relationships and synastry.

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Even if the relationship that you had with this individual doesn’t last for years, the changes that it starts and you just might. Whether this is for good, or for ill, depends on the actions you take.

5 How “Generational” Planets Work

You can get really deep into astrology and synastry. When it comes to planets, Pluto is what we call a “generational” planet.

Pluto has a long orbit. It can spend a whole decade in some signs and only move one or two degrees each year. Generational planets have less impact on the individual, and more impacts on “generations.”

The energy coming off of Pluto can be intense, but it depends on how it connects elsewhere in your synastry and in your natal chart. Pluto connecting with the “personal” planets – including Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Moon – can have a strong effect on character and romance.

Even though your Pluto is in conjunction with your partners, this is an energy that your whole generation seems to share. You might just share a wavelength when it comes to the dark and powerful.

Then again, on the individual level, a Pluto conjunct Pluto connection might just signal you two are close to the same age!

Pluto Conjunct Pluto Synastry – Friendships And Work

Synastry isn’t just about romance. This is also about the interpersonal connections we make through friendship, family, and work. The Pluto conjunct Pluto synastry also has a lot to say about these bonds.

It’s worth highlighting again that the effects of the Pluto conjunct Pluto relationship in synastry are very subtle and very long-term. Unless Pluto is also prominently featured in one of your natal charts, you should look to these as long-term trends rather than short-term events.

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Pluto brings into question issues over ownership and agency when it comes to work colleagues. There’s a slow transformation going on with job roles as well as directions that Pluto is having an effect on. This might cause some tension unless you and your colleague can work out who is in charge of what.

Friends with a Pluto conjunct Pluto synastry don’t have a lot to worry about with this connection. You already share a generational bond and Pluto is going to be having similar impacts on both of your lives.

This should give you some insight into some of the larger forces at play in each other’s lives which can open up broader space for forgiveness, understanding, and deepen the quality of this friendship.

Last Note About The Pluto Conjunct Pluto Synastry

We talked about how Pluto is a powerful planet that tends to operate very slowly. Its effects are dark and transformative, but you’re only ever experiencing a sliver of this intensity even though this conjunction amplifies it. There will be questions of power, agency, and change, but the two of you are sharing these feelings together.

Trust that your connection is both genuine and larger than the sum of its parts. This synastry connection will be something you can grow through together.