How to Get a Scorpio Man Back: 10 Key Tips

How to Get a Scorpio Man Back

With Scorpio cast as secretive, unforgiving, highly competitive, insensitive, possessive, and downright vindictive, there is no love lost between astrology buffs and natives of this sign. But, one thing is undeniable; there is nothing quite like being loved by the infamous Scorpio male.

Intense, passionate, and born with a wild imagination, this guy has a way of leaving you feeling alive or like you have just had the most rewarding conversation. Scorpio gives everything he has in a relationship, thanks to being a fixed (old-fashioned) and water (deeply emotional & intuitive) sign.

With their fiery and passionate way of loving, Scorpios leave a lasting impression that makes them one of the most difficult signs to get over. A breakup with this sign will leave you pining for them for a really long time, if not forever. You may even give in to the urge of fighting to get your special Scorpion back.

Since Scorpios also do not forget their exes easily, getting a male native of this sign back is not outside the realm of possibility. But one thing to note is that Scorpio is not your typical guy. Things like taking full responsibility for the breakup, begging to be taken back, or doting on him will not work.

He is a stubborn, power-hungry guy who respects the self-assured, go-getter type of woman. So, winning him back will be a slow climb that will require all the patience you can master, a bit of re-invention, and your most convincing poker face. Here is the course of action that Scorpio man is more likely to respond to and want you back.

1 Create Some Separation

While it might seem counter-intuitive, the very first thing to do when trying to get a Scorpio man back is to stay away entirely. Not forever, but at least for a short while immediately after splitting up. Stalking Scorpio or hounding him with calls and texts will only work to annoy him, as this sign hates an overbearing and needy character.

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Keeping your distance will give him time to cool off because there will be no progress while he is still angry or raw from the breakup. Space will be your best bet at this point as it will allow Scorpio man time to figure out his thoughts and feelings. More importantly, it will make him feel the weight of your absence.

If he does not miss you, he cannot get into the headspace of wishing to rekindle things. After all, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

2 Figure Out His State Of Mind

With the Scorpio fellow, you never know. He can either cut you out entirely or miss you terribly if you had a good thing going. That being the case, you have to know where his head and heart are before making a move.

Like all fixed signs, Scorpio is resistant to change and will not give up on a relationship without putting up a good fight. For this reason, the decision to end things will be generally irreversible, as your Scorpio man will have arrived at it painfully.

On the other hand, natives of this sign are just as self-protective as the actual Scorpion when hurt. It is also possible that the two of you broke up in the heat of a fight or as a defense mechanism to hurt feelings. If this is the case, your Scorpio ex-boyfriend will regret things after having some time to calm down.

Turn to his mates and find out if he is moping around or seems to have moved on. But be discreet about it, as tipping him off to your interest may come back to bite you.

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Probe your friends as well. In all likelihood, he is also checking up on you from afar through your friends. If they confirm that he is still into you, then you can begin working on getting him back.

3 Make Your Presence Felt

Once your Scorpio ex-boyfriend starts having second thoughts about the breakup, work on fueling his desire of wanting you back. Begin by showing up in places you know he frequents and acts like it was coincidental.

If he keeps seeing you around, it will be harder for him to move on. And this will give you a crack at winning him back.

4 Do Not Be All Over Him

To succeed at swaying a Scorpio man who happens to be on the fence about reconciliation, you will have to play at his level. For one, those born under this sign like to be in a position where they can control their emotions, so you will have to keep yours in check.

Scorpios also love having all the control in a relationship. Show them weakness, and they will keep imposing their will on you. On that account, it is essential that you maintain your composure and not show your eagerness to makeup.

During your ‘chance encounters’, inquire about how he is doing but maintain some emotional distance. Let him know that you are glad to see him or that it feels nice to be hanging out like old times, but do not come off as anything more than pleasant or friendly.

Admittedly, his crazy powers of observation will soon pick up that you are very much still into him. But he will respect and admire you for keeping your cool. In his eyes, you will become even more desirable.

On the flip side, Scorpio man will quickly lose interest if you come off as desperate for his affection. After all, strength is one of the traits that attract this man.

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5 Make Positive Changes To Your Life

Scorpio is a petty guy who would prefer to see you miserable after the breakup, so do not give him the satisfaction. Instead, becoming the best version of yourself is the most effective way to make a Scorpio man want to come back to you.

Take this time to do anything worthwhile in your life that you have been putting off. Go for that promotion you have been eyeing, take steps to further your career, start exercising to get in shape, pick up an old hobby that made you happy, go on adventures with your friends, or engage in activities that help you remain positive.

Word or your recent endeavors will get back to Scorpio as he has a knack for stalking his exes. His curiosity will not let him rest until he knows what you are up to post-breakup.

He will be impressed and even a little envious that you are not only handling the breakup with grace, but also striving for excellence. As an ambitious person himself, he will not be able to resist the urge to reach out. Scorpio men love strong, independent, and powerful women.

Taking this step is also critical for you on a personal level. Focusing on happier things in your life will help make it a little less difficult to move on if things do not work out the way you want. With Scorpio, you have to prepare yourself for the possibility he is through with the relationship for good.

6 Get A Makeover

Another way to make yourself irresistible in the eyes of your Scorpio ex is to spruce up your appearance. Getting a makeover will not only help lift your low spirits but will also give you a good confidence boost, which is something you will need if you are going to catch the eye of Scorpio again.

When Scorpio man sees you looking better post-breakup, he will become more convinced that walking away from you was a mistake after all. While this man likes ambition, spunk, and strength of character in a woman, beauty is his Achilles heel.

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Do not go overboard, though, by dying your hair a shocking color or getting a nose piercing. Instead, aim for something that helps enhance your look (e.g., a different style of clothes, a more flattering haircut, or more sensual makeup). The idea is to look more attractive than you have ever been.

7 Wait For Him To Come To You

Scorpios are stubborn creatures who cannot be pushed into something they do not want. Therefore, the only way to get a Scorpio man back is if he wants to come back. As long as you do your part in making yourself more alluring, it is a given that he will take the bait and reach out if he still has strong feelings for you.

Do not be discouraged if he claims that he would only like to be friends. It is his way of re-entering your life without showing his need to be around you. This sign fears rejection more than anything else and will, therefore, not show his cards just yet.

8 Re-Connect With Him

Even if the two of you are finally on speaking terms again, things will not magically go back to the happier times of your relationship. There will be some awkwardness between the two of you, which is why you must find a way to get back to a good place.

Reminisce about happy memories and go on new adventures together. Whether you choose to strengthen your former bond or forge a new one, the goal is to work towards reaching a warm friendly place in your relationship. Still, you want to take it easy and maintain a cool demeanor, as rushing into or forcing things might just ruin all the progress you have made.

9 Have A Serious Chat

If your attempts at winning him back work, a Scorpio man will want to talk things out. Since the issues that led to the breakup still exist, this sign will not want to resume a relationship without the assurance that things will change. This is where you apologize if you were in any way in the wrong.

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Accepting your role in the demise of your relationship with him will go a long way in melting the emotional block of ice he has put up between you two. However, do not just feed him lines that you think he wants to hear. The two of you have to lay your cards on the table and be honest about what you do not like in each other.

Purging yourselves of past missteps and grievances is the only way to ensure the future of your new relationship.

10 Prepare To Be Tested

Since Scorpios are deathly afraid of leaving themselves vulnerable to the wrong person, they subject their partners to a battery of tests. They will test your compatibility, commitment, honesty, faithfulness, and even the depth of your love.

A wounded male Scorpio is way worse, as you will have to win back his trust. His methods can get ugly, but if you want him to take you back, you have to show him that you will never leave him. Be ready to take whatever he throws your way and keep showing him your love until he feels safe enough to let you all the way back in.

How To Get A Scorpio Man Back: Final Notes

Scorpio man is one of the hardest signs to win back after separation. On top of being temperamental and stubborn, this sign does not forgive easily or forget. Ultimately, the odds of Scorpio man coming back to you all depend on how much he loved you.

To increase your chances, follow the tips shared here to the tee. In the unfortunate scenario that things do not work out, at least you will have tried your best. What’s more, you will have taken steps to help you start healing and will, therefore, eventually move on.