How to Tell If a Libra Woman Likes You – 8 Signs To Look For

How to Tell If a Libra Woman Likes You

A Libra Woman is always friendly toward other people, including those she does not know very well. She smiles all the time and is skilled at the art of conversation.

This Venus-ruled native comes across as social, outgoing, and intelligent. The Libra woman not only provides good company but is also a romantic lover. As a result, it is understandable if you met one who has left you smitten.

However, it can be hard to decipher whether a woman born under this sign has a genuine interest in wanting to know you or is just being her usual charming self.

So, how can you tell if a Libra woman likes you or whether she is just being polite? Here are 8 signs to look for during your interactions.

1 She Shares Her Phone Number With You

Although Libra women are social butterflies, they are very picky when deciding who to let into their inner circle. That means they are not the kind of people who will share their contacts with just about anyone.

Unwanted advances can disrupt the balance and harmony that these individuals work so hard to maintain in their lives. As such, a Libra woman will not give out her phone number if she is not interested in you.

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Even if she somehow divulged her phone number but does not like you, she would probably not answer the phone when you call. Her indecisive nature would create hesitation that will keep this woman from leading you on into thinking that the two of you can be friends or something more.

However, if a Libra woman willingly gives you her phone number and takes your calls, it is one of the surest signs that she likes you and probably finds you attractive.

2 Shows Up For A Date

If you ask a Libra woman out and she accepts your invitation, this is a step in the right direction. It is a clear sign that she is warming up to you. But, more importantly, she will actually show up if she likes you. That is the ultimate confirmation that she is willing to get to know you better.

However, keep in mind that natives of this zodiac sign have a reputation for making false promises. Libras don’t want to rock the boat and will do anything to keep everyone happy, even if that means lying to the people they are not interested in meeting.

Therefore, a Libra woman may agree to go on a date with you and then come up with all kinds of excuses at the last minute why she can’t make it just to avoid hurting your feelings by saying no from the onset.

So, if your girl moves her schedule around, finds time to accommodate you, and turns up for your date, this is a surefire sign she is interested in developing a serious relationship.

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3 She Makes Time For You

Libra women live for social interaction. They love to be out and about exploring and trying out new things that expand their minds.

When a Libra woman likes your company, she will let you join in on her social adventures. She may be into clubbing, sightseeing, or visiting art galleries, museums, and other fancy places. It is also likely she will show an interest in your hobbies because Libras greatly appreciate equilibrium in a relationship.

If you notice your Libra woman is increasingly letting you be part of her social life, it is her way of trying to spend more time with you. It is a sign that she is considering nurturing your relationship.

Over time, she may realize that you mean a lot to her. If the two of you already share a close bond, then consider learning more about how to know if a Libra woman is serious about you.

4 She Will Text & Call Often

Just like Gemini and Aquarius, the Libra woman is an air sign. That means she is chatty, loves to talk and be social, even though Mercury is not her natural ruling planet.

You will always be in the mind of a Libra woman if she has a huge interest in you. She will call and text you regularly, respond to your messages, or reply to your posts on social media.

Once she becomes fond of you, the Libra woman is very affectionate. She will consistently check up on you to stay updated on every important detail of your day. You will notice that she is genuinely interested in knowing how you are doing or how life is generally treating you.

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On the flip side, when the Libra female is disinterested in you, she will not make a point to stay in touch.

5 She Will Want To Solve Your Problems

Libras are known as the peacekeepers of the zodiac. Whenever they care about someone, they will try to bring them some peace of mind in any way they can.

A Libra woman will manifest this caring quality by going out of her way to find a solution for any problems you mention to her during conversations. Anything that keeps you down will be something she will want to fix and uplift your spirits once more.

Whatever you are struggling with, she will want to be there for you. So, when you seem lost in thought, she will get you to open up and talk about what is bothering you.

Ultimately, a Libra woman who seems keen to get rid of everything that annoys you is clearly falling hard for you.

6 She Will Try To Connect On An Intellectual Level

Libra natives, like the other air signs, live in their minds. They are sharp, love to learn, and eager to share their vast knowledge and interests with others.

As such, the Libra female in your life is more than just a pretty face. If she has feelings for you, expect her to try and connect with you on an intellectual level.

When a Libra woman likes you, she will start conversations on insightful topics, initiate thought-provoking discussions, and ask about your opinion on deep subjects. She might recommend books, movies, and documentaries she loves and, in return, ask which are your favorite ones.

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Although it is typical of a Libra woman to share ideas with many people, she will be more interested in the thoughts of someone she likes. So, the next time she tries to bond with you mentally, make sure to embrace it because this is a sign that she thinks highly of you.

7 She Appreciates You

If a Libra woman likes you, she will appreciate everything you do for her. Kind acts like checking up on her, offering your assistance on a task, or just being her listening ear will not go unnoticed. The Libra lady will make sure to mention how grateful she is and will even see the good qualities in you that other people often take for granted.

Because she has a love for beauty and elegance, she can also show her gratitude by sending you lovely gifts. What’s more, you will never receive something ordinary from this lady. She has an eye for the finer things in life or will find something thoughtful to give you as a token of her appreciation for always offering your support.

8 She Is Protective Of You

Perhaps the most significant telltale sign that a Libra woman has a soft spot for you is if she keeps standing up for you.

Did she defend you at work? Was she there to offer her support when others were treating you poorly? That is because this woman will bend over backward to make sure anyone they care about is treated with fairness.

Libras are naturally protective. As such, this is the reason why the symbol for their zodiac sign is the scales of justice. They will do everything in their power to safeguard others using their philosophies of maintaining peace and justice.

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However, a Libra woman will do anything to avoid conflict. She is not the kind that confronts others aggressively and escalates trouble everywhere. Instead, she defends those she loves or cares about by cajoling the oppressing side subliminally using a tactful and diplomatic approach.

Wrapping Up

It is easy to fall for Libra women because they are charming, good conversationalists, and likable. However, they often send out mixed signals, owing to their always pleasant and polite nature.

Although it may initially seem confusing to figure out whether or not they are into you, you will see the signs if you are paying attention. Though subtle, they are noticeable, but only if a Libra woman has taken a liking to you. If not, you will know by being keen.

Ultimately, if a Libra woman likes you, you can tell by observing her behavior. She will show it by being open, genuine, appreciative, making you a part of her life, having your back, and staying in touch to make sure you are okay.