Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Synastry – Dating With Darkness

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Synastry

Let’s not beat around the cosmic bush, having a pluto conjunct ascendant synastry is pretty scary stuff – but is it all bad?

The pluto conjunct ascendant synastry is defined by intensity. This can be a positive force that liberates both partners, or it can be a source of pain.

Let’s see how the Pluto conjunct ascendant synastry shapes a romance.

Pluto In Synastry – Depth And Darkness

Pluto is a planet that is a source of fear and anxiety, but this often causes people to misunderstand how this planet affects our love life. Pluto can be defined by dark urges like controlling behavior and even violence, but it also has positive qualities such as rebirth and the ability to form truly deep connections.

In short, Pluto isn’t good or bad – it’s just far more complicated than the other planets in terms of its influence.

Conjuncts In Synastry – Magnified Intensities

Conjuncts in synastry have a reputation for being extremely intense. The conjunct occurs when two aspects of your astrological charts are perfectly aligned. The conjunction magnifies the qualities of both of these signs like they’ve been multiplied by each other.

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The Ascendant In Synastry – How You Are Seen


Your ascendant sign has an important role in synastry. This sign deals with how you’re seen by other people, especially in social settings. How your ascendant sign matches up with your partner’s synastry is going to tell you a lot about the type of connection the two of you will develop.

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Synastry

The Pluto conjunct ascendant synastry can send people running, but this is more an overreaction to Pluto’s bad publicity.

This synastry combination isn’t always negative, but how it will affect your relationship depends strongly on the rest of your astrological chart and synastry. This is a complicated conjunction that requires some serious consideration. Here’s how the Pluto conjunct ascendant synastry shapes a relationship.

1 Learn the Rest of Your Synastry

The first thing we need to do is to situate this conjunction in the larger synastry between a couple.

There are a few combinations in synastry that are direct and straightforward, but Pluto isn’t one of these. The impact of this conjunction is going to have on your relationship is going to be strongly shaped by the rest of the synastry between you and your partner.

This means that you are going to need to sit down with your astrological charts and map out your synastry before you can make strong determinations about how this will impact you. Pluto is a generational planet in this means that its impact is stronger, but more distributed and heavily dependent on the rest of the chart.

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Pluto just needs context.

2 This Will Be a Deep Connection

The connection in a Pluto conjunct ascendant synastry is going to be defined by a deep, intellectual bond.

Both the Pluto and the ascended individual are going to feel like they’ve met their intellectual match and they’re capable of exploring the depths of the topics that matter most to them like never before.

Deep waters provide rich and exciting potential for exploration, but they also hide dark mysteries and secrets. This connection will be intense because not only will you be able to explore more freely than ever before, but you’ll quickly find each other encounter in your hidden secrets and things you usually keep tucked away until much later in a relationship.

3 Expect Pluto to Take the Lead

Pluto is well-known for its commanding and domineering nature. This effect will be felt in this relationship as the Pluto individual will often be taking the lead. Whether or not this is negative entirely depends on the ascendant individual and what they’re looking for in this relationship.

It also depends on how the Pluto individual is handling this natural inclination to be the first one to take action.

This gets at the heart of something that’s important in this synastry. Being able to know your own boundaries and needs as well as communicate those to your partner is key to success when you have a conjunction with Pluto. Handling this intensity requires careful communication and planning.

4 The Sex Might Be Great!

We’re talking about an intense connection with Pluto which means we’re going to have to talk about some intense and equally impactful sex.

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Energetic connections with Pluto are well known for their ramped up sexual qualities. This relationship will be just as intense in the bedroom as it will be in intellectual matters. However, this won’t be the same kind of sexual chemistry that you would expect from a conjunction with Mars or Venus.

The sexual chemistry that comes out of a conjunction with Pluto carries with it some of that captivating darkness. You might feel more inclined to explore as well as open up about each other’s sexual needs in this relationship. Just make sure to let the communication take the lead so that Pluto’s darker qualities don’t undermine this otherwise positive experience.

5 Brace for Transformations

The conjunction has a way of increasing the impact and drama experience with a connection. One of the most well-established qualities of Pluto is that it creates transformations. This is the planet of death, but the same kind of death that creates the fertile soil we need to harvest next year’s bounty.

This relationship is going to be a place of transformation in change. This could be experienced positively and something as minor as a Pluto individual inspiring you to find a workout plan you can stick with or as major as the Pluto individual guiding you towards new career opportunities.

There is a risk for some danger here. If the Pluto individual is too domineering or if the ascendant individual is not able to erect clear boundaries, this can quickly become a negative or controlling aspect of the relationship.

6 Pluto Will Be More Influential – At First

You can also expect that the beginning of this relationship is going to be defined by the Pluto individual being more influential. Let’s take a look at some of the ways this manifests and how it’s going to change if this relationship lasts long-term.

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The Pluto individual is going to have something of an upper hand as this relationship starts. They might be more emotionally or sexually experienced or they could have a better financial situation but naturally lets them shape and aspect of this relationship.

One way to think about this is to imagine that the Pluto individual has their own place to live while the ascended individual still lives with roommates. This is naturally going to shift things more towards Pluto as a relationship starts, but this influence can change over time.

The ascendant individual will eventually get on an even ground with Pluto and then it’s anyone’s game for influence. This can evolve into a horizontal partnership, the ascended individual can spend some time on top, or the Pluto individual can continue to lead which allows the ascendant individual to lower their guard and relax.

7 Understand How Relationship Power Dynamics Shape Your Love

It’s incredibly important to understand power dynamics in a relationship that has a Pluto conjunct ascendant synastry. You can think about power dynamics as material imbalances in power that give one person some kind of advantage over the other.

An easy example of this is money. It could be the case that the Pluto individual makes much more money than the ascendant individual which can create some uneasy tensions in this relationship.

These imbalances and power dynamics aren’t inherently bad for a relationship, but you will need to put in work ahead of time to make sure they do not become a problem. In our money example, you should discuss financial issues and how you’ll be addressing the fact that one of you makes significantly more money as the relationship starts to become more serious.

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The kind of power dynamics you see with a Pluto conjunct ascendant synastry can be managed by embracing the intimacy, understanding, and communication that can define the best aspects of this relationship.

8 Make Decisions Before Things Get Dangerous

Let’s talk about the one dangerous aspect of Pluto that gets a lot of attention. An unchecked Pluto conjunction synastry can quickly become dangerous. It’s not uncommon for the intensity here to lead to emotional turmoil or even outright abuse.

If things start to get out of hand, it might be time to take a step away from this relationship. There are intense forces at work here and even if everything else works out, it might not be the right time in each other’s life for this powerful relationship to take root.

Wrapping Up: Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Synastry

The Pluto conjunct ascendant synastry gets a bad reputation, but it’s more intense than anything else. If both partners are ready for this kind of intensity, this can be a powerful relationship that pushes them both towards new horizons. Just be ready to deal with some overwhelming energies and this could be a very rewarding romance.