Sun Sextile Jupiter – A Strong Heart and a Strong Mind

Sun Sextile Jupiter

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the two largest bodies in the galaxy got together and decided to do something really good? This is exactly the rough outline of the Sun sextile Jupiter aspect.

This connection between the Sun and Jupiter is all about good humor, interesting trips, and a strong moral core.

Sun – It’s You!

The Sun is the perfect representation of yourself. This is your ego and the core of your identity that you recognize and identify with. It’s not the sum total of your identity, how everyone necessarily sees you all the time, or a completed sense of self. It’s simply the “you” that you see when you look in the mirror.

Sextile – Subtle Positivity

Sextile Aspect

Not every astrological relationship has to be extremely positive or extremely negative. There are some that are just mildly challenging as well as some that offer subtle positivity. A sextile occurs when two planetary bodies are 60 degrees apart, and it creates an easy-going and peaceful energy between the two that’s mutually supportive and positive.

Jupiter – Abundance And Thought

Jupiter has an interesting position in the night sky in that it governs both intellectual matters like philosophy as well as good fortune and abundance. Jupiter is considered to be the guardian of higher knowledge and has strong associations when it comes to education, learning, and cognitive growth.

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Sun Sextile Jupiter – Personality Traits

The Sun and Jupiter are the two largest objects in the solar system. This means they’re going to have a big impact on our lives. When they combine with a sextile, this creates a casual and positive force that promotes good and leans life in towards positive influences.

1 Well-Informed and Ready to Engage

We’re going to start off with one of the most interesting characteristics of an individual with a Sun sextile Jupiter aspect. These individuals tend to be very well-informed about some of today’s most important issues. They might have a knack for geopolitics or be up-to-date on everything going on in their local community.

This isn’t the same kind of “well-informed” that you might get with someone who’s a trivia buff or knows everything about their favorite fandom. This type of being well-informed is linked closely with their sense of generosity and a natural moral alignment with good.

This individual is going to be much more likely to know everything going on with the local government rather than everything going on with the local sports team.

2 Good Hearted

An individual that has the Sun and Jupiter combined in a sextile is going to naturally have a good heart. There are good-hearted individuals who are always trying to do what’s best, even if they don’t know that they’re actually causing harm. These individuals put the work forward to truly do good in their community.

3 Inner and Outer Travel

This individual is going to be the consummate traveler. They’re always going to be looking for a new horizon to explore and pursue interesting new things. They’re going to be naturally drawn into cultures, languages, and practices that aren’t what they have back at home.

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This can manifest as traveling the world. This individual is going to have the itch that keeps them on the road for long periods of time. However, this travel can be just as easily done by exploring their local community and all of the diversity that has to offer.

This individual also likes to travel through their reading habits. They’re all about learning about the world around them and exploring other cultures through books, movies, and even podcasts. It’s the contact with the new that this individual finds so fresh and rewarding.

4 Positive Impact on Others

It’s always good to hear that you had a positive impact on the people around you, and this is something that individuals with the Sun sextile Jupiter aspect you’re going to have to get used to hearing.

The natural positivity and jolly sense of humor that these individuals seem to radiate can brighten the mood in any room. It’s almost as if individuals with a Sun sextile Jupiter aspect have an uncanny ability to spread cheer and positivity wherever they go.

5 A Sense of Morality, But Don’t Get Judgemental

Now we’re going to take a look at one of the qualities of this aspect that can be a little challenging.

There’s a strong sense of morality that comes with having your Sun connected with Jupiter. This is often an unshakable moral code that this person lives by – even if unspoken. It’s typically a very positive influence in their life, but it does have the potential of becoming a difficult challenge worth overcoming.

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This sense of morality is like their guiding light. This individual lie has a well-reasoned and well composed sense of beliefs. But things can get a little bit out of hand if they begin to moralize.

Moralizing the actions of your friends and family can cause you to come off as uptight or even cruel. It’s important to remember that even though you have a strict, or at least well-reasoned, set of morals to live by, other people might not necessarily see things the same way.

6 Supporting Those Who Are Close to You

This is something that individuals with a Sun sextile Jupiter aspect should do more of. The more you support the people around you, the more support you’re going to find coming back your way. This astrological combination is naturally inclined to spread support and cheer wherever they go.

It’s often where it’s taking the time to learn how your friends and family want to be supported. No two people are quite the same when it comes to how you can lighten the load and help them stand tall on your own two feet, but all you never need to do is ask them. This will give you the information you need to be the best source of support that you can.

7 Very Generous

There’s an incredible generosity that cannot go understated with the Sun sextile Jupiter relationship. Jupiter is a planet of abundance and has more than enough to give. On a technical level, the Sun is providing heat and lights to the entire planet free of charge.

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This individual’s personality is naturally shaped by this inherent landscape of gift-giving. This makes them very generous with both your time, worldly goods purchased for presents, and even money depending on what their circumstances are like.

8 Natural Humor

We hinted that an individual with a Sun sextile Jupiter relationship is going to be jolly, but they have a natural sense of humor that lights up the whole room that they’re in.

This individual might not have the drive to become a world-famous stage comedian, but they definitely know how to command laughter when they’re hanging out with their friends and family.

Sun Sextile Jupiter In Transit

This is a great time to seize on opportunities that are heading your way as well as the perfect moment to rediscover the balance in your life. Even if you don’t sense an opportunity on the horizon, this is a moment where you’ll be able to get in touch with a sense of fulfillment that comes from within.

This transit is marked by a higher than usual competence when it comes to successfully engaging with new opportunities.

Whether you see a business opening or you’re feeling extra creative about your hobbies and personal products, this is the time to take decisive action rather than hoping things are going to work out. The more you give in to this transit, the more you get out of it.

Explore your inner balance, chase down new leads, and get engaged, and this transit will be a time of gain.

Wrapping Up: Sun Sextile Jupiter

The Sun sextile Jupiter relationship is one of the classic combinations that proves just how laid-back this sextile can be. This is seamlessly blending the self-assessment of the Sun with a level-headed appraisal of character.

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Individuals with this aspect you’re going to be naturally light-hearted with a great sense of humor. It wouldn’t be unheard of for them to become the center of attention at a party while cracking jokes. This speaks to a larger character that stays informed about important issues, but still has enough parts to support their friends and loved ones through comparatively minor challenges.