Leo With Scorpio Rising – A Mysterious Warmth

Leo With Scorpio Rising

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you had a fire sign with a water sign for their rising? You wind up getting a really interesting combination of passion and mystery. This is someone who’s at once socially outgoing as well as mysterious.

Here’s what’s going on when you have a Leo with Scorpio rising.

Leo – Positive And Outgoing

There’s a certain way that individuals with a Leo Sun sign light up a room. This is someone who’s always out for love. Whether it’s a sexual kind of love or a love of exploration, this is someone who is passionate about what they enjoy.

They can be theatrical and entertaining as well as ready to share their cheer with those around them. You won’t expect to find them at the head of the boardroom or the family table, but that’s just not where their pleasures are found.

Scorpio Rising – The Mysterious Charmer

Your rising sign is how other people see you. This is the social side of your astrological chart. If you have a Scorpio rising in your natal chart, it’s a good sign that you’re going to have an aspect of your personality that’s mysterious and charming.

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There’s a lot going on beneath the surface for someone with a Scorpio rising. When you get close to a person with a Scorpio rising, you can tell that they have a lot more going on than they might let on. This draws people in with a mysterious and charming allure.

Leo With Scorpio Rising – Personality Characteristics

Leo and Scorpio might seem like they’re pulling in opposite directions. One of these signs is outgoing and grounded while the other is mysterious and in tune with emotions. However, that dynamic interplay is what forges one of astrology’s most interesting combinations.

1 Totally Unique

When we get down to it, each of us are a unique individual. There’s no one else in the world that shared your exact life experience in history although we do have more in common with each other than we have apart. However, a Leo with a Scorpio rising is going to make this sense of uniqueness a key part of their character.

The sense of being unique and the identity of being an individual are going to be important parts of this individual’s self-expression. They’re going to be quirky and they’re going to make sure that the people around them are aware of this. Even if they are into some pretty normal stuff, they are going to pursue that in unique ways.

This will make them fun and energetic people to be around, but it also might make them a little overbearing for quieter individuals with more subdued characteristics.

2 A Career With Secrets

This particular combination of fire and water signs has some interesting implications when it comes to career and money.

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An individual with a Leo sun and a Scorpio Rising is going to be set up for some strange career choices. The ambitious nature of Leo would naturally find itself at the center of any action, but Scorpio likes to move behind the scenes.

This sets up an individual for careers that naturally have something of a secret of elements to them. We can think of careers like journalism, being an attorney, or even being a therapist. These are all careers that have some kind of secretive privilege with their clients that can satisfy both Leo’s ambition and Scorpio’s connection to mystery.

If you want to get a little fantastic with this, it wouldn’t be surprising for a Leo sun Scorpio rising to be a super spy like James Bond.

3 The Potential to Be Cruel

One of the darker sides of this astrological combination has to do with cruelty. Leo is an outgoing fire sign which means that it’s quick to act when fueled by passionate emotions. This can be positive when those emotions are things like love and happiness, but can quickly turn dark when negative emotions run high.

Scorpio only adds to this problem. It’s a secretive sign that is well in touch with the world of emotions. When this is fired up by a Leo sun, it can lead to an individual who can not only lash out, but lash out with cruel accuracy.

One of the keys to balancing out this potentially hazardous personality trait is to temper some of Leo’s fire. There are hints and other signs, especially earth, water, and air signs, that can help fire signs cool down.

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4 It’s One or The Other, Never Both

This is going to be one of the bigger challenges faced by this individual. Compromise requires a delicate balance that blends the passions of opposing forces. finding the middle ground is something that’s naturally a little difficult for someone with such an extreme personality.

This individual is going to be well aware of the situation. The Leo side is going to keep them a little grounded while Scorpio gives them an insight into the emotional or immaterial nature of a conflict. However, this is someone who wants to pick one of the two options rather than blending them together for a compromise.

Looking at the other aspects of your natal chart, especially your moon sign, can help give some insight into how you can move towards compromise rather than by trying to pull everything to one side or the other.

5 The Problem of Crossroads

There’s a little problem with crossroads when it comes to someone with a Leo with a Scorpio rising.

The first part of this comes down to the fact that if these two signs are harmonized in the individual’s internal life, cross roads are not going to be a problem. This is someone who knows what they want and is dead set on the course they’ve taken. They plow right through any crossroads or potential indecision with focus and dedication.

However, if The characteristics brought by Leo and Scorpio are at odds with each other, this person can easily get hung up on indecisive moments. They might get stuck secretly weighing their options or begin to act impulsively as their passion starts guiding them around.

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Leo With Scorpio Rising Men

Both Leo and Scorpio are astrological signs known for their sexuality. A man with a Leo with a rising Scorpio is going to be naturally sexually expressive. A lot of people are going to find him attractive, and for better or for worse he’s going to know that.

It’s not uncommon for a man with this astrological combination to be a little egotistical. This is someone who might know that other people find them attractive and let that information get to their head. They also might be a little decisive when it comes to issues of romance which leads to them sending mixed signals.

All in all, this is a confident and outgoing man who is well aware of just how other people see him.

Leo With Scorpio Rising Women

It’s a lot about the character of a Leo with a Scorpio rising that remains the same for women as it is for men. This is still going to be an individual who isn’t shy about embracing their sexual energy. However, don’t expect this to mean that they’re going to be freely giving that kind of attention to anyone who comes by.

Women with Leo with Scorpio rising are going to be much more discerning about how they spend their energy. This is someone with a lot of confidence who isn’t afraid to pursue what they want while setting aside but they don’t. This doesn’t make them stern or aloof, but rather makes them very direct and expressive with their intense feelings of love.

Romance For A Leo With Scorpio Rising

Romance is really interesting for someone with a Leo sun and a Scorpio Rising. This individual is going to have the warmth and compassion of Leo as well as the emotional knowledge that comes from the water sign Scorpio.

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First, let’s talk about the good stuff. This is someone who’s going to know not only what they want on an emotional level, but also have a strong ability to key into what their partner needs when it comes to emotions. This is a great astrological combination to help someone become a generous lover both physically and emotionally.

There are some challenges that come with this combination when it comes to romance. The balance of the outgoing Leo with the elusive Scorpio can lead this individual to be indecisive. They need to find a way to harmonize these two opposing forces rather than being pulled in separate directions by them.

Wrapping Up Leo With Scorpio Rising

When you get someone with a Leo with Scorpio Rising, you get a natural charmer who is outgoing and in touch with her emotions. Yes, they need to look into the rest of their chart to find ways to temper this fire and strike a balance between opposites, but they’re generally going to be a well-liked and a warm addition to any social scene.