Aries Woman Leo Man Fight Causes & Solutions

Aries Woman Leo Man Fight

Astrology can help us learn a lot about ourselves and the people who mean the most to us. So, if you are having a tiff with a partner, friend, or colleague, sometimes it helps to look skyward for a solution.

When an Aries woman Leo man fight breaks out, both individuals can bring back the peace by learning more about their zodiac signs. What is written in the cosmos about their temperament? How do they get along? Are there any triggers that may spark conflict?

In this guide, you will get answers to these questions and more. Keep reading to learn how to improve your relationship and avoid a great deal of drama.

Aries Woman Disposition

Mars, the planet of power, activity, and conquest, rules the Aries woman.

With a limitless zest for life, she is always in constant motion. Expect this energetic and vibrant woman to be proactive, impulsive, and pioneering. Since she belongs to the first sign of the zodiac, being number one is her life motto.

Symbolized by the ram, the Aries woman approaches life head-on, never backing down from a challenge. She is not one to let fear get in the way of progress. And with plenty of brains to spare, she is an intelligent person who knows how to accomplish her goals.

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In her social life, the independent Aries woman is an outgoing person. She attracts friends who are spontaneous and adventurous.

As a mother, the female Aries persona is warm, loving, protective, and comforting. She will do anything to raise her children, and life is never dull for her family.

Leo Man Temperament

The sun-ruled Leo man is the zodiac’s king of the jungle, a regal persona that bears the symbol of a lion. In any gathering, he is the life of the party. When a Leo man is not the center of attention, he will find a way to steal the spotlight.

Some people may see this as pride and arrogance, but Leos have a charming, confident aura and feed off the admiration they get from others.

Many people find this charismatic and vibrant alpha male hard to resist. He is loads of fun to be around and has an infectious enthusiasm that will lift anyone’s spirits.

Oozing with confidence, this big cat is often drawn to leadership roles. Besides being intelligent, gifted, generous, and loving, the Leo man also has a domineering personality.

At the workplace, he can be bossy and a know-it-all. Even if he does not happen to be in a position of authority, people still turn to him for answers.

It is common for male Leos to get this kind of royal recognition from a tender age, which often results in having a sense of entitlement and a big ego.

The Leo man is protective and territorial, much like a lion. He guards his family, space, and cherished possessions with pride.

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What Causes Aries Woman Leo Man Fights?

The Aries woman and Leo man have many common traits that make them a great match. For instance, both are ambitious, creative, enthusiastic, full of passion, and fun-loving individuals with lively spirits.

What’s more, Aries is a cardinal fire sign, and Leo is a fixed fire sign. So, when these fiery personas come together in a relationship, you can expect a passionate romance that will be full of fireworks. But, just like a wildfire, this pair can burn out of control if not carefully tended.

In the early stages of courtship, Aries woman Leo man couples enjoy the bliss of new love. As these two natives get to know each other and reveal their true colors, it is only a matter of time before they butt heads.

The biggest challenge that an Aries woman and Leo man will face is deciding who is in charge. Both of these aggressive hotheads will want to control the relationship.

1 Free-Spirited vs. Self-Centered

Leos are most comfortable when the world revolves around them. A man with this sun sign is also used to always having an audience showering him with praises.

An Aries woman is impulsive and will not have the patience to fake admiration she does not feel. What’s more, a Leo man will feel neglected if she is rarely around, mentally, emotionally, or physically, due to her spontaneous nature, self-focus, and need to explore.

No one can put a leash around the neck of an Aries native. On the other hand, Leo is possessive and will want his woman all to himself. So, problems are bound to crop up when a free-spirited soul and self-centered individual try to be in a relationship.

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2 Battle for Control

This twosome is bound for a collision course simply because of their strong personalities.

The Aries woman wants to be in control and will selfishly try to preserve her freedom. She does not like people controlling her and telling her what to do.

Because of her headfirst and adventurous nature, she will want to take the lead in the relationship. However, this could cause trouble when having the equally aggressive and dominant Leo man for a partner.

The regal Leo is used to being in a leadership position and getting all the attention from others around him. By virtue of being charismatic, confident, self-centered, and domineering, he will instinctively want to take the lead in any relationship.

With no one being receptive to the other person’s lead, a power struggle ensues. Ultimately, if these two natural-born leaders cannot share the spotlight, trouble lies ahead.

3 Epic Standoffs

Leo’s roaring pride and Aries’ stubborn nature will meet at some point. When these two fiery individuals are not on the same page, they will have flaming arguments. When fighting, both parties become domineering.

The impulsive Aries woman is known for having a sharp tongue. She will likely say something that will hurt the larger-than-life ego of a Leo man when there is a heated exchange of words. Feelings of anger and hurt only fuel the tense standoff even more.

Both of these personas are hot-tempered and will not want to back down from an argument. At their worst, they will treat each other to childish unforgiving behavior, grandstanding, and scorching words, all of which can ruin the relationship.

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How bad the row between an Aries woman and Leo man gets largely depends on the maturity of each partner.

Can The Aries Woman And Leo Man Stay Together Forever?

An Aries woman and Leo man both have zodiac signs belonging to the fire element. That explains the reason behind their sometimes feisty relationship.

So, when fire mixes with fire, can this type of zodiac pairing last the test of time? Well, it is the responsibility of both partners to make a relationship work.

To avoid being at loggerheads, an Aries woman and Leo man must not compete with one another and instead join forces. They are undefeatable when working together. But, when competing to control the relationship, all hell breaks loose.

These two personalities love the limelight. As a result, both of them should extend some magnanimity to one another and take turns being the center of attention.

If a quarrel ensues, it only ends if someone yields and apologizes. However, this can only happen when there is a genuine realization of fault. Compassion, patience, and compromise will balance out the aggressive energies of these two sun signs.

Since this duo shares a lot in common, that which binds them is more than their few differences. Nobody can quite understand a fire sign like another fire sign. And, when an Aries woman and Leo man work out their differences, they will ultimately make a strong power couple.

Final Words

Now that you know what causes and how to quell an Aries woman Leo man fight, make sure to use the tips shared above to improve your relationship. Sun sign comparisons are not only enlightening, but they can also tell you a bit more about your partner and how to get along better.

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