Virgo and Cancer Friendship

Virgo and Cancer Friendship

They say that friends are the family we choose. The strength of the relationships that we develop with other people depends on our personalities, likes, dislikes and… our zodiac sign?

Can be astrology be the driving factor between friendships? Here we take a look at the commonalities and differences between Virgo and Cancer. Find out whether these two zodiac signs are a match made in heaven or hell…

Virgo and Cancer Friendship: Compatibility

Dependable Virgo and caring Cancer are an interesting friendship match with the potential to blossom into something beautiful. Together, their connection will age like fine wine as they embark on a long-lasting and close friendship.

Initially, the connection between the two may not be evident. However, over time it becomes apparent that they are meant to be in each other’s lives. Both Cancer and Virgo admire one another and enjoy each others company. The mutual respect between the two makes the perfect foundation for a meaningful connection.

It can be argued that Cancer is one of the most notoriously difficult signs to understand and get to know. However, the patient and communicative Virgo is gentle in their approach with Cancer and knows exactly how to break open their shell.

Cancers quiet yet strong-willed personality is appreciated by Virgo while their intelligence is adored by Cancer. Both signs have many similarities, particularly with their understanding of having good common sense and high standards.

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Ultimately, Cancer and Virgo work well together. As they attempt to navigate and fulfil their desires both will support the other. They are the dream team and take pride in their materialistic ways. If one succeeds in life then they will be sure to help the other reach their goals.

Virgo and Cancer Friendship Strengths

There are many benefits that Cancer brings to the table with their friendship with Virgo. If there is anyone who can be committed its Cancer.

They are devoted to their loved ones and will go above and beyond to build upon their connection with them. Their loyalty is unmatched and they will support Virgo whenever they need it.

Dutiful and protective, Cancer will always have Virgos back. They are nurturing and seek to take care of their friends. They will happily provide the love and attention that Virgo needs which is received well and valued.

Cancer prefers stability in their relationships, opting to forgo tumultuous friendships with people who take them on an emotional rollercoaster. This suits Virgo perfectly as they themselves are extremely grounded.

Cancer prefers to keep their circle tight and will refrain from being friends with someone just for the sake of it.

Similarly, Virgo will never jump into a friendship with just anyone. They are extremely picky and make sure that they are well suited to their comrades. To have Virgo deem someone as their friend is highly complementary and will give Cancer security to know that they have been chosen.

Both Cancer and Virgo are driven by their need to be surrounded by luxury. They dream of having the finer things in life and will always work hard to get what they want.

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If Cancer needs encouragement to help them achieve their dreams then Virgo will give it to them, and vice versa. Virgo and Cancer may potentially work together to help each of them get to the top.

If Virgo needs someone to turn to then Cancer is the friend that they need. Discreet and respectful, Cancer is a great keeper of secrets and will never betray Virgo’s trust. Cancer is an ideal confidante and this is noted by Virgo who feels comfortable enough to share their darkest thoughts and feelings with them.

Cancer and Virgo Friendship Weaknesses

Critical and judgemental, Virgo has a tendency to be brutal with their feedback.

This poses an issue in the Cancer Virgo friendship as Cancer’s high sensitivity and moodiness will not respond well to this. Virgo is not particularly fond of this aspect of Cancers personality and may find it to be irritating.

As Virgo is known for being naturally uptight and controlling this can clash with the free-spirited traits that Cancer possesses. Instead of letting go and having fun, Virgo prefers to avoid spontaneity and can appear to be neurotic to Cancer. The crab prefers to go as and when they. please and happily march to the beat of their own drum.

This clash between Cancer and Virgo is more apparent when Cancer yearns for travel and Virgo prefers to stay home.

Cancer may benefit from saving adventurous activities with other like-minded friends rather than trying to persuade Virgo to step out of their comfort zone. However, this denies Virgo the opportunity for growth as they dare challenge themselves to do something out of the ordinary.

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Another weakness between the pair is Cancers protectiveness. It can be overbearing for Virgo and may lead to resentment if Cancer constantly tries to shield them from danger. As Virgo is hyperaware of other people’s behaviour this is not something that they can ignore and it will eventually become a cause of contention.

Earth Vs Water

With Cancer being a water sign they are more observant than most other signs. Their perceptive nature means that they are likely to judge people by their body language and their gut. Many consider Cancers to be psychic as they have a superior ability to read people.

Ironically, Cancers themselves are hard to read and readily put up a wall. Despite this, they are happy to take care of overs and look out for their needs. As a water sign, Cancer is mysterious and holds their cards close to their chest. However, Virgo is also a great judge of character and spends time getting to know other people.

Cancer is deeply in touch with their emotions to the point of over-sensitivity. Occasionally, they can be moody which can throw off the stable and grounded earth elements of Virgo.

Emotionally, Cancer will lead the way in this aspect and will openly express how they are feeling. While Virgo may take more of an analytical approach to dealing with feelings they are considerate of Cancers emotional state. Virgo allows Cancer the space that they need to share their feelings.

As an earth sign, Virgo is practical and genuine. They are real friends and true partners in crime, particularly for Cancer. Though they may be stuck in their ways Cancer provides relief with their breath of fresh air attitude. If they are in tune with one another personalities they can balance one another out perfectly.

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There are many differences between water and earth. The straightforward personality of Virgo and the wish-washy dynamics of Cancer may be problematic however Virgos tolerant and understanding being is exactly what these two need to.


Together they make a powerful duo and can achieve great things in their friendship.

Their love of success and opulence is the common factor that holds them together like glue. They provide one another with a secure and comfortable friendship that is bound to last for many years to come.