10 Signs a Pisces Man is Playing You

Signs a Pisces Man is Playing You

Have you fallen head over heels for a Pisces man? Whether this relationship is new or has been going on for some time, if doubts are setting in that something doesn’t seem right, it may be wise to consider the possibility that he’s playing you.

People born under the sign of Pisces can have famously intense mood swings and tend to go with what they feel, both positive and negative. While it’s certainly not always true, some signs might show that your special someone isn’t being entirely genuine about his intentions.

Read on to learn more about the telltale clues a Pisces man might drop when he’s playing games with your heart!

What You Should Know About Pisces Men

Before digging into the signs, it’s essential to know who the Pisces man is at his core. This understanding of him allows you to draw accurate conclusions on your own and make good decisions regarding dating him (or not).

Pisces Men Personality Traits

Pisces men tend to be creative, imaginative, and dreamy. They can also be quite shy when it comes to expressing their feelings, but they are generally very compassionate people who care deeply about those they love.

They also have a strong intuition that helps them connect with the people around them on an emotional level. They may come off as mysterious or hard to read at times due to their tendency to hide their true feelings beneath the surface.

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What It’s Like To Date Pisces Men

Dating a Pisces man, when everything is going right, can be a truly magical experience; he is gentle, romantic, and has an incredible capacity for empathy and understanding. He will surprise you with thoughtful gifts or sweet gestures of affection that show how much he cares about you.

He is also incredibly sensitive to criticism, so it’s important to be mindful of how you communicate with him during disagreements or difficulties in the relationship.

Pisces Men Strengths

Pisces men are some of the most passionate and sensitive people one can encounter. Their ability to deeply connect with their emotions, as well as those of others around them, makes them some of the most understanding and kind-hearted individuals you will ever meet.

Pisces men often stand out due to their unwavering loyalty and commitment, making them excellent partners and friends.

Once they have decided to commit to a person, they do a fantastic job of it.

They have great intuition and can pick up on subtle cues quickly, which enables them to anticipate what needs to be done for themselves and others. They often will not just provide an idea or a solution, but will be sure to lay out how it was derived from their clever mind, allowing others to trust in their judgment.

They are natural-born caregivers who strive to make everyone feel supported and loved. While their sensitive nature can leave them vulnerable, it also gives rise to one of their greatest strengths– an immense capacity for empathy and compassion. Pisces is in-tune with others’ emotions and usually wants to help uplift others.

Pisces Men Weaknesses

Pisces men can certainly be fun characters, but their unique personalities do carry a few weaknesses.

They tend to be empathetic, but this leaves them vulnerable; too often they get taken advantage of and don’t even realize it.

Pisces also can struggle to take risks in life, whether career-oriented or otherwise, leaving them at a standstill due to their lack of ambition.

Self-sabotage is another problem.

They commonly give up on doing something important without any real reason why. The critical trait they must learn to control is the inability to make decisions, which makes life difficult when confronted with tough choices. If Pisces can learn to control these issues and utilize their vibrant creativity, there’s no limit to what these hardworking individuals can do.

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Pisces Men may have difficulty in making decisions due to their emotional nature, as well as acting impulsively without considering the consequences of their actions. This is how Pisces “Players” are created and emerge into the world!

On a more positive note, these men are usually kind and gracious, so it is possible for them to find stability with the help of a strong partner who helps guide them along the right path.

10 Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You

Let’s dig into the nitty-gritty details that may show he is playing you and not actually interested in you or a serious relationship with you. It’s unfortunate and harsh, but better to figure it out sooner rather than later.

1 He Always Has an Excuse For Why He Can’t See You

Pisces men are passionate, especially when in love.

If he blows you off regularly and then has several excuses for why you can’t see each other, that is him playing you. He does not see any potential for a relationship there, so he’s stringing you along. If he were serious about you, he would never cancel or push off a chance to see you, and he certainly wouldn’t have a weak excuse for his absence.

2 He Never Makes Any Real Plans (Official Dates) with You

If he’s only interested in “hanging out” (sex at one another’s homes or elsewhere) and doesn’t try to woo you before with a cool date, dinner, experience, or hobby, then we have some bad news for you.

Pisces men love the romantic and sappy aspects of dating. If he isn’t doing any of these acts of romance for you, it’s because he’s only interested in the physical component and he does not want to engage in any intelligent or romantic conversation.

Your relationship will never advance beyond where it is right now because he doesn’t see you that way at all.

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3 His Communication Is Sporadic or Vague

One strong indicator that Pisces men are not emotionally invested in you, is that he acts hot and cold with you a lot.

If you’ve ever been lavished with attention by someone, only to have them back off and disappear like a ghost later on – it may be worth considering if the person was in your life purely for their own gain.

That’s especially true of Pisces men: they can love-bomb people just so that it makes them feel good. It sounds terrible, but sometimes even those who aren’t ready for commitment take relationships out “for test drives.”

In other words, they want all the signs of being loved without actually committing themselves or feeling obligated in any way until either another woman comes into play or the temporary lusty spell wears off. It’s not flattering, but Pisces men are relatively well-known for doing this.

4 He’s “Always Busy” But Makes Time for Others

You’re not a priority for him in this situation at all. And he isn’t even trying to hide it.

5 He’s A Grouch Around You

If he’s irritable around you, that’s probably because he doesn’t like the effort you’re putting into him. He doesn’t care to learn about you, and he isn’t interested in engaging with you beyond physical sex.

Because of this, he will act cross when you reach out to him and try to create closeness. He isn’t comfortable with it, and he’s unhappy with himself for acting this way in the first place.

Most Pisces men are careful not to harm nor hurt others, especially the people they love the most. If he’s willing to shut you out, push you away, not talk much, and then act grouchy in your presence, it’s because he is immature and definitely using you for your body. He has little regard for your feelings, which is a dangerous and painful situation to put yourself in.

6 He Doesn’t Compliment You Often

When a Pisces man is into someone, he goes all in. He’ll shower her with affection and romance, so if you don’t feel like the special one anymore (or you never had that treatment in the first place), it could be a sign that his feelings have changed or never developed.

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7 He Keeps His Private Life Private

Pisces men have a tendency to remain emotionally aloof if they don’t think the connection is going anywhere.

Despite their reputation for being stoic, these guys crave deep connections with anyone they’re serious about. If he won’t let you chat about your week or share any deeper feelings, then that’s usually an indication of him trying to distance himself from his emotions too quickly.

If they sense that the relationship isn’t going anywhere, then it’s likely he won’t open up to you. Yes, he could be shy. But if you ask him questions about his personal life and he shakes them off or redirects the conversation, he is not into you, and he’s probably trying to play you.

If your intuition is telling you something might not feel right and he shuts down when discussing emotions, don’t just ignore this sign. It may mean a Pisces man simply isn’t interested in developing an emotional connection with you now or ever.

8 You Haven’t Met His Friends or Family

If you haven’t met his friends or family after a couple of months together, then he’s hiding you and playing you.

A Pisces man who loves you and wants to build a long-lasting relationship will be relatively quick to introduce you to the other people in his life whom he loves and cares about. Usually, one of his earlier tests for new dates is to see how well they merge and blend into the family or friend group. But if he isn’t giving you a chance at all, then the odds are high that he is playing you.

9 He Isn’t Into “Aftercare”

After being sexually intimate, Pieces men who are in love will do everything they can to make their partner comfortable, happy, secure, and feel loved. If he suddenly acts cold, distant, or doesn’t seem interested in pillow talk, that’s a strong sign that he isn’t romantically interested and he’s instead using you.

Pisces men crave tender affection, and love to give it in return. So unless he just had a wonderful time and instantly fell asleep, his lack of connection should be a red flag for you.

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Even days later, he should be trying to show you some form of affection or an offering of connection. Sending sweet text messages, flowers, inviting you on another date, or opening up to you with more details of his personal life are normal behaviors when he is romantically interested. If these things aren’t happening, you’re definitely being played.

10 He Isn’t Interested in Your Problems

Pisces men love to help the people they love; it’s just a fact of life.

A telltale sign that a Pisces man is using you is that he’s not looking out for your well-being.

If he has no genuine concern or thoughtful advice about the issues in your life, that’s a strong indicator that he isn’t interested in you.

If he really liked you, his “savior” side would kick into gear, and he’d do whatever was necessary to make things easier on you. If there hasn’t been any of that… then something tells us this Pisces guy just wants one thing.

A Few Signs That A Pisces Man Genuinely Likes You

Now that you’ve looked into the signs that he isn’t interested in being serious with you, here are a few quick indicators that he genuinely cares for you and is not playing you.

  1. He’s always happy to see you.
  2. He goes out of his way to help you.
  3. He’s always willing to lend a listening ear.
  4. He’s constantly complimenting you.
  5. He’s always wanting to spend time with you.
  6. He’s always trying to make you laugh.
  7. He’s very protective of you.
  8. He’s always touching you in a gentle, loving way (lots of PDA).
  9. He looks deep into your eyes when he talks to you.
  10. He is consistently honest with you.
  11. You feel safe, loved, and secure with him– you don’t have any premonitions that this relationship is off.
  12. He wants to help you solve your problems, even if it’s an inconvenience for him.
  13. He shows you lots of love and affection, especially after being intimate.