How to Talk to a Taurus Man

How to Talk to a Taurus Man

In so many ways, the Taurus man is the human embodiment of the classic children’s cartoon character, Ferdinand the Bull. You’ll never find anyone as kind, hardworking, and loyal.

At first sight, he seems quiet and shy. It takes time for him to feel in place and comfortable enough to participate in what’s happening around him.

Because of this, it can be tricky (and nerve-wracking) to approach and start up a conversation with a Taurus man. But it doesn’t have to be; here’s exactly how to speak with him successfully.

What You Should Know About Taurus Men

First, you need to truly understand him and what made him the way that he is. He is not complicated, but there are a few things you should know to make sure your conversation goes well.

Basically, Taurus men are ultimately the sweet teddy bears of all zodiac signs.

These guys are faithful, reliable, steadfast, and kind-hearted. They are shy at first, but once they get used to new people and settings, they warm up and start to show their personality.

Once a Taurus man develops a friendship or relationship, he becomes strongly bonded and attached. This attachment can manifest as overly possessive or a tad bit too clingy, but in a well-intentioned, mostly harmless way.

In romantic relationships, he would never dream of entertaining another person, no matter how funny or attractive she may be. His moral compass is too strong to hurt his partner, plus he’s just hardwired to be monogamous and faithful. He doesn’t want to hurt his lady and, he simply doesn’t have the desire to live a complicated double life.

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These men are driven, dedicated, and willing to persevere. When he makes a promise, he follows through; this applies to all aspects of his life, too, in his career, hobbies, friendships, relationships, and everything else in between.

He understands that Rome wasn’t built in a day. He is patient and quietly keeps working towards his goals even when progress is slow. He is not at all the kind to fall for a get-rich-quick scheme.

His morals are strong and unwavering. Honesty is a priority for him, so cheating, lies, or unfaithfulness are certain deal breakers. One thing you should know about Taurus is that he is uncommonly stubborn. He will certainly never forget, and depending on the severity of your blunder, he may not forgive you either.

The other great fault of a Taurus man is his selfishness. He is self-centered and doesn’t seem to know how to turn his filter on. The lack of a filter is almost completely unintentional, but it does not pair well with his shy demeanor. Strangers often mistake him for someone who is stuck up, cruel, and unkind.

His shyness will hold him back in his life; he needs confidence. It’s uncomfortable at best and downright impossible at other times for him to connect with others and create new friendships; because of this, he clutches his old friendships with love and fierceness that many people are never lucky enough to experience.

So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of how to approach a conversation with this incredible guy.

How To Talk To A Taurus Man As His Coworker, Boss, Or Business Partner

In a professional setting, relax a bit when it comes to speaking to and developing a relationship with a Taurus man.

This is a great guy to work with because he will always get the job done with little to no complaint, no fuss, and no drama. He will stick to his position for a long time and will take his work very seriously.

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You’ll be near one another for many hours a day for the majority of the week. You have time, so it’s safe to take it slow, so you don’t pressure or scare him.

Taurus men don’t like to feel rushed or pushed, so keep this in mind. Respect his space and privacy, and don’t pry before he’s willing to share with you openly.

Be a reliable person at work. He appreciates this in people and will admire this trait in you.

Don’t take his blunt words harshly; he simply doesn’t have a filter and does not intend to hurt your feelings. Be patient in this area with him because he is doing his best.

For some of your first few conversations, keep it light and be kind. A gentle compliment on his clothing choices, hair, job performance, or that idea during the last meeting is a great way to open. You don’t want to be too much too fast, but you also need to have something of substance that’s interesting so he’ll put you on his radar.

As he gains confidence, you’ll see that his creative juices at work start flowing better, communication improves, and his overall performance gets better.

Listen to his ideas, never interrupt him, and make space for him when another coworker cuts him off or talks over him. He will appreciate this and remember you for it.

Never lie to him. He won’t forget and may never wholly forgive you either.

Show up, do your best, hold space for him because he is shy, and above all else, stick to your moral compass. Good conversations and healthy communication will naturally flow.

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How To Talk To A Taurus Man As His Friend

Taurus is shy and will appreciate the person with the confidence to walk up and initiate conversation and friendships. Still, you don’t want to come on too strong or too fast, or else you could make him nervous around you.

The best thing you can do is start with interesting small talk. Ask where they’re from, their favorite job they’ve ever had, what they like to do for fun, or what the best piece of advice they’ve ever been given. Go beyond the weather, but don’t venture into too-personal details just yet.

Slowly begin to work the details of your life into the conversation. You don’t have to get very personal; just show him that you want to be his friend and share your thoughts and ideas with him. Of course, being open and vulnerable will slowly coax him out of his shell.

When speaking to him, show him that you can be trusted by not gossiping about others or lying. He will notice this right away, and it won’t help the friendship at all.

If you’re running out of conversation starters, work is always a safe topic because odds are, he is really into his work and can talk about what he does for quite a while. The more you can get him to talk, the better off you’ll be. It just takes a little bit of babying the conversation along before it becomes natural and starts to flow.

Once you can put your finger on your similarities, plan some kind of an outing and casually invite him in a no-pressure way. He’ll appreciate the gesture and your day out together will likely start a beautiful and lifelong friendship.

How To Talk To A Taurus Man To Win Him Over Romantically

When it comes to romance, you’ll need to get a bit closer up front. Make eye contact and occasionally brush your hand against his shoulder or arm while you talk.

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Small talk is fine at first, but you need to move past this as soon as you can. He needs to know what you see him as a potential date, so move things along and be direct.

The best way to advance the conversation is to get into your passions of yours. Talk about yours some, and then encourage him to talk about his. Always start with yours first, so he feels safe speaking to you.

He wants to know that there’s something that you enjoy and pursue. Careers (and sometimes hobbies, too) hold a lot of importance to him, and he most likely won’t feel at home with someone who doesn’t have her own passions.

Now it’s time to dig a bit deeper. Such as:

  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  • What do you think happens when we die?
  • What’s the most profound thing you’ve ever heard someone say?
  • Tell me about your strangest quirks.
  • Do you like people-watching?
  • If you could control the country for a week, what would you change?

After you’ve had a few conversations and he seems to have an interest in you, turn on the charm. Spice up your conversations by asking more flirty and personal questions that will make him think.

Don’t talk dirty (yet) but let him know you see him in a romantic or even lightly sexual way. If you aren’t really for flirting yet, it’s okay to go with lighthearted, well-intentioned picking or jokes. The goal is to advance the conversations and your connection.

Ask questions like:

  • If you were a woman for a day, what would you do? (Or, open it up by explaining what you would do in a man’s body for 24 hours)
  • Talk to me about your workout; I couldn’t help but notice your ____ (muscles, arms, thighs, abs, back, etc.).
  • You’re a funny-looking guy….. yeah I like looking at you.
  • Okay, you’re making me blush. Are you trying to do that?
  • So I heard a song that made me think of you today.
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It’s equally (if not more so) important that you show him you’re a good listener who genuinely cares about what he has to say.

Remember that he isn’t a frequent talker, so what he says should carry weight with you. Give him the time to fully think about what he’s going to say, expand on his thoughts, and ask follow-up questions to show that you genuinely care about his opinions.

When you’re together, don’t forget to hold space for his silence too. It doesn’t all have to be a conversation. Make sure he knows that you accept his silence and that it’s not awkward with you.

Lastly, remember that you’ll need to be the one to initiate a lot when the relationship is new. As he grows more comfortable with you, he will start to take charge, but until then, you may need to steer the conversations and set up your first few hangouts, dinners, and dates.

Final Thoughts On How To Talk To A Taurus Man

When talking to a Taurus man, remember that passion, kindness, loyalty, and patience are of utmost importance to him. Make it a priority to listen to him, respect his boundaries, and also make it comfortable to be silently together with little to no expectations.

He will adore you for making these first few moves. And, eventually, you will be rewarded with the gift of seeing his true personality, more time spent together, and perhaps a lifelong relationship with an incredible person who is kind, loyal, and full of passion. He is so worth your time and effort.