Moon Square Ascendant – Emotional Challenges and Potentials

Moon Square Ascendant

The Moon square ascendant aspect is full of challenges when it comes to processing emotions.

Individuals with this aspect experience tons of emotions and they can often be more powerful than with other people. This combines with the fact that these individuals often also struggle to interpret the Motions of other people to create some serious conflict.

To be very up front about this, it’s this conflict that creates the potential for something truly good. Overcoming these emotional difficulties in the frustration they bring can help this person to be very in touch with their internal world.

Let’s travel to the Moon to learn a little bit more about what’s going on inside ourselves.

Moon – A Hidden Part Of You

Knowing the self is one of the most challenging questions of philosophy that the greatest thinkers of human history struggled with.

How can we know who we are when there are parts of us that we can’t even begin to articulate? The Moon represents those hidden parts of you as well as their influence or your actions, your character, and the way you live your life.

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Square – Action!

Square Aspect

You might not associate the word square with action, but in the world of astrology, square is all about action. This is an aspect that puts planetary bodies and signs at odds with each other. Squares are not inherently negative, but there’s a lot of work that needs to happen behind the scenes in order to harness the potential of this aspect.

Ascendant – AKA Your Rising Sign

Your ascendant is also known as your rising sign. You can think about this as your social energy and how other people see you. If your sun sign represents how you see yourself, this is how the rest of the world looking in makes their mental picture of you.

Moon Square Ascendant – Personalities

Some astrological combinations give us more challenges than others. The Moon square ascendant is somewhat like playing social emotions on hard mode. Not only do these individuals experience emotion much more acutely, there are some difficulties in approaching the emotional landscape of others.

1 Challenges With Emotions

Let’s take a broad overview of the challenges with emotions that we’ve been talking about. These individuals are naturally a little out of touch with their own inner reality and this creates problems with getting in touch with the emotions of others.

This mostly takes the form of confusion and misunderstandings. Because this individual is so out of touch with their internal emotions, there are plenty of misunderstandings with the people around them when it comes to what they’re feeling. Likewise, these individuals also struggle to naturally read the emotional states of others in social situations.

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2 Take Body Language Slowly

One of the biggest challenges faced by someone with a Moon square ascendant aspect is going to be a difficulty reading body language. So much of human communication is wrapped up in how we hold our bodies, how we physically react, and how we communicate through touch and position.

Individuals with these astrological aspects are going to need to put a little extra effort to interpret body language. Remember that there is never any harm in asking for clarification and this can help give you the information you need when you’re interacting with someone who has a lot of confusing body language.

3 Can’t Hide These Feelings

These individuals also wear their feelings on their sleeves. There’s no game face here, no desire to hold your hand until the very last moment. These individuals make their feelings known so that some of the people around them know exactly what to expect.

This can be a very refreshing quality. Having an individual that is this open with what they’re feeling even if those feelings are challenging can help everyone around them get in touch with their emotions just a little bit more. The trick here is to harness this inability to hold in major feelings in order to better understand your emotions while gaining access to the emotions of others.

4 To Protect and Be Protected

An individual with this aspect wants to simultaneously protect and be protected in their romantic relationships.

This is a unique kind of bond where they can offer up a lot of emotional safety as well as protection, but they need someone who can deliver this in return. This is a mutually beneficial relationship with the two individuals protecting each other and giving each other more emotional ground to stand on.

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5 Tough Time With Criticism

Another challenge that comes up with this aspect is having a difficult time with criticism. Criticism, even when it’s not overly hostile, can be taken as an insult. Individuals with this astrological combination should take the time to know when someone is giving them honest criticism.

6 Fantasy and Escapism

This individual is also going to be the poster child of a fantasy escapism fan. Whether your favorite fantasy world of choice is sword-and-sorcery fantasy or they’re playing the latest video games, they are looking for a way to escape the difficulties of everyday life through these unique media.

It’s important not to spend too much of your time engaging in fantasy escapism. Learning how to balance this time against your other needs can be a great way to make a little fantasy less about escapism and more about something enriching.

7 More Emotional Potential Than Most

Now let’s talk about something that’s really good about this astrological combination. The Moon square ascendant is full of challenges when it comes to emotion, but those challenges mean that there’s a high ceiling for gains here. These individuals tend to struggle with some basic emotional tasks, but that means that by the time they get comfortable with them, they are often much better off for it.

Overcoming these difficulties can be a challenge. Some of these emotional challenges create blockades and how we reach out to other people who could otherwise help us easily. This might be a slow process when it first starts, but once the ball gets rolling everything starts to fall into place.

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8 Managing These Emotions in the Short and Long Term

Managing these emotions in both the short and long-term or one of the best things that an individual with a Moon square ascendant can do. There are different tricks and techniques for approaching these challenging emotions as they can often change in quality over time.

There are short-term things that can be done to create stopgap solutions for some of the more intense manifestations of these emotional difficulties. Individuals can work on clearly communicating their boundaries and seek clarity from the people that they’re in conflict with rather than just hoping they get everything to work right the first time around.

In the long-term, it’s all about learning how to balance and overcome their shortcomings that happen with a Moon square ascendant. This will eventually fall into the natural rhythm of life, and it will feel less like you’re working against part of your astrological chart and more like you’re fully integrating this cosmic representation of your core essence.

Speaking of the rest of your chart, you should look to your natal chart for ways and to get back in touch with your feelings and the feelings of the people around you. Just because you have a Moon square ascendant, doesn’t mean the rest of your natal chart doesn’t have just as much weight.

Moon Square Ascendant In Transit

There’s a lot of emotional tension that emerges during the Moon square ascendant transit. It can be very difficult to resist the high tide of feelings especially as they could get you tangled up with friends, family, and lovers. Emotions are running high during this transit and everyone should give each other a bit of extra space to move.

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This emotional energy also means it’s a great time to strike out on new projects and take opportunities they’re coming your way. This extra emotional spice might be exactly what you need to finally see the opportunity that keeps getting close, but has so far been just a little out of your reach.

Moon Square Ascendant

Individuals with a Moon square ascendant are going to face plenty of challenges when it comes to handling their emotions and the emotions of the people around them.

There will be struggles when it comes to reading body language as well as plenty of embarrassing moments along the way. However, overcoming these core tensions will help this person to become incredibly in touch with who they are and how they interact with people around them.