Venus Opposite Pluto Transit

Venus Opposite Pluto Transit

Venus Opposite Pluto Transits are notoriously difficult times, putting a strain on all types of relationships.

This Aspect makes people see others from different perspectives, and seek out desires that had previously been suppressed or otherwise hidden. The pressure of a difficult relationship, combined with these intense wants, often leads to chaos, jealousy, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and even unhealthy or toxic situations.

Ready to learn all about the mysteries of the Venus Opposite Pluto Transit, what it means for relationships, and how to cope with these uncertainties? Read on, we’ve got it all covered below.

The Astrological Significance Of Venus

Venus is all about pleasure; this benefic, auspicious planet has everything to do with values and peoples’ idealization of love, beauty, and wealth. Venus influences love, admiration, romantic relationships, aesthetics, and how people handle wealth, such as money, valuables, and status symbols.

The desires of Venus will not necessarily come to fruition. Venus is about the idealization and romanticization of people, relationships, and ideas. She is an exceptionally hedonistic planet that cannot (and also has no desire to) control her urges. Her wants are so constant and grandiose that it’s just not practical to expect all of these wants to become a reality.

Still, Venus is excellent at helping people find and admire the beautiful moments that this life has to offer. Consistent romanization can be helpful, and it will allow people to dream and find peace in new areas of their lives. For the more practical and logical signs, this can be quite the treat.

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Pluto’s Zodiac Meaning

Pluto primarily signifies newness in the form of transformations, regeneration, personal evolution, and regrowth through dissolution and destruction. Often times, the destruction period is chaotic and scary, but it always leads to new ideas, revelations, and meaningful actions.

Pluto allows people to see topics, people, history, and the world in general from a new, open-minded perspective.

While some natives mistakenly consider Pluto to be a weak planet, it is not. Pluto is intense, strong, and relentless. It’s natural for many to desperately cling to their ideas and personal ideals; Pluto grabs these ideas and rips them away. This planet also pushes humans to let go of their egos and see life from a new, more humbled set of eyes.

As such Pluto is responsible for many ego-deaths, and these lessons urge people to become more flexible, empathetic, kind, and fundamentally different. Pluto can encourage people to shift their opinions and values significantly.

The Opposite Aspect

Opposition Aspect

When planets have a 180-degree opposition (give or take six degrees), they are opposite one another in the chart and opposite in polarity. It may sound tense, but oppositions are still more relaxed than square aspects.

A push-pull effect occurs. When this happens, there is considerable frustration and abrasion between the planets, meaning that tension and conflict can more easily arise. This tension is powerful and when properly harnessed, You can use it to create remarkable things.

While there are several polar opposite traits between the two planets in this aspect, there are also a few similarities. Identifying common ground will allow people to see how the opposing planets complement one another. Finding the complementing characteristics is the strength of the opposition, and where beneficial, well-balanced things can happen.

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Venus Opposite Pluto Transit

When Venus and Pluto show up opposite of one another on a zodiac chart, change is just on the horizon.

Lust, greed, and jealousy all become more apparent during transition, even if these are typically uncommon or rare feelings. These newfound desires will subconsciously push people to think about and then act on the usual impulses that (until now) have always been ignored.

During this time, relationships get hit hard. Paranoia, overthinking, romanticism, and the overwhelming urge to manipulate or lie come out during the opposition.

Passion and emotions run high, making it easier for people (especially couples) to become more aggressive with one another. This may show up as belittling or even bullying those with less power in the workplace.

In romantic relationships, dominant urges, as well as sadistic and masochistic traits, will come out. One partner will have to act more submissive to keep the peace, or else the couple will battle for power and control in the relationship. Never use sexual energy as a weapon or manipulation tactic. It may be tempting during this time, but it never works out well.

When it comes to friendships, Venus Opposite Pluto is tough on those too. Don’t take sides, don’t intimidate, and do not pressure others. Be willing to try new ideas, look at things from a new perspective, and dream in new ways. During this time, it is also highly likely that another person will attempt to pressure, manipulate, or intimidate you too. Quietly but firmly stand your ground.

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Compromising skills are essential here but even more difficult than usual. Be open and honest, and don’t get greedy with your wants.

Try to see the entire picture, and don’t allow yourself to narrow your focus to just your desires. When it comes to business and finance, this is especially true. Hasty decisions made now, especially those made out of greed or lust, will later cause giant problems down the road.

It’s crucial to remember that Venus is all about fantasy and overindulgence. It is easy to get wrapped up in searching for the perfect partner, so don’t allow these brand new, over-the-top expectations to get the better of you. People should tightly hold onto their core values while being open-minded to the new possibilities that Venus Opposite Pluto is offering.

Venus Opposite Pluto Transit In Relationships

As mentioned above, emotions will feel intense for lovers during this time. One of these primary emotions that will likely be one of the most difficult obstacles couples encounter is jealousy.

This jealousy may stem from areas of success, such as healthy connections outside of the partnership, like strong friendships or healthy connections to other family members. This envy could also come from joy or self-love. It is easy for a partner to hold some resentment for the other, especially if they feel that their partner is doing better, or advancing faster in life than they are.

The most likely culprit that is causing jealousy is deep-seated possessiveness and insecurities. If there were ever a time for one partner to accuse another of infidelity or another outside person of wrongful flirting, this transit period is it.

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Take a deep breath, look at the big picture, and try to be rational. While it is possible to have a cheating partner, most likely, this is just a test that is being thrown at you from the Venus Opposite Pluto Transit.

Consider why you feel the ways that you do, and work to get to the true root of these issues. Most of the time, you will find that the problem is internal, something you need to work on, and not something that your partner is doing wrong.

If you are the one being questioned in the relationship, work against your instinct to blow up. Be quiet, calm, and logical. Show proof of your innocence, and wait for your lover to calm down.

Insecurity can easily lead to broken connections. Power games quickly break trust. Selfishness usually results in hurt feelings or heightened, intense fears of abandonment.

While these traits are not necessarily good, good can still come from them. Use each of these struggles to readjust the relationship, better understand one another, and find new ways to comfort and love the other.

During this time, it is likely to uncover hidden feelings about yourself. Your self-worth, core values, and romantic ideals will shift, causing you to change as a person. If you use this time correctly, the change will be an improvement for yourself, as well as for your partner, and the relationship that you have together.

Don’t use these intense moments of confusion, anger, and passion for reacting. Stop everything you are doing, get introspective about why and how you feel the way you do, and use this to fuel a better you. It is so critical that you and your partner are slow to take action and careful when you speak. You do not want to do irreparable damage to each other and to the relationship. While you will most likely make this mistake a few times, do your best to mitigate the damage and properly apologize.

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Take lots of time to freely speak to each other about your state of mind, feelings, and new ideas. Incredible growth is just around the corner.

While you sort through your issues, make sure you take time for the incredibly passionate sex that is waiting for you. All of these heightened senses, rampant fantasies, and built-up tension will translate into unforgettably passionate sex that is filled with love, adoration, and powerful energies.

This transit is difficult for your romantic relationships, but if you are wise with your thoughts, actions, and words, you will find that the experience was necessary, helpful, and even exciting in a good way.

Final Thoughts: Venus Opposite Pluto Transit

It’s easy to assume that an opposition as powerful as the one between Venus and Pluto will be troublesome, but this simply isn’t true.

While the chaos and uprooting of old ways can feel uncertain and frightening, what comes next can be beautiful, enlightening, and transformative. Lean into the crazy, and be open-minded to new possibilities and mindsets. Now is a great time to think (a lot) before you speak, react, or jump to conclusions. Change is essential for you to thrive, so embrace it and enjoy the crazy ride.