Mars Sextile Mars: Manifestation and Transformation

Mars Sextile Mars

This is a good time for physical activity, competition, and self-assertion. You may feel more aggressive than usual, but this can be channelled into productive activities.

There are two times that you may experience a Mars sextile Mars transit. The first is when a Mars transit is sextile to your natal Mars position. The next is when there is a Mars Sextile Mars aspect in a synastry reading.

So we will dive into both occurrences, so you can learn how Mars will affect the different areas of your life when in this position.

Mars Sextile Mars Transit

This transit occurs when Mars is sextile to your natal Mars position.

This aspect indicates a time of increased energy, assertiveness, and courage. You will feel more motivated to take action and achieve your goals.

It is an excellent time for physical improvements such as strength training, as you will have extra stamina. You may also find yourself attracted to riskier activities during this transit.

It is also a good time to start new projects or ventures. You will be full of energy and enthusiasm, so it is a good time to take advantage of this extra motivation. If you have an idea on the back burner or a project you have been procrastinating on, this is the time to get it off the ground.

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You may find yourself attracted to new people or situations during this transit. This can be a good time for dating or starting a new relationship. However, you may also attract more drama than usual.

This transit can also indicate a time of increased sexual desire. If you are in a relationship, you may find yourself wanting to spice things up or try something new. If you are single, you may have more success in your dating life.

It can also bring about some challenges. You may find yourself acting impulsively or recklessly, since you may be open to more risks than usual.

It is important to be aware of this tendency and try to channel your excess energy into positive outlets. You may also experience some tension or conflict with others during this transit. If you can, try to avoid getting into arguments or power struggles.

This transit lasts for approximately two weeks. So plan accordingly and make the most of this time of increased energy and resources.

And remember that all things need balance. So if you’re planning on going hard when this transit is influencing you, make sure to make time for rest and recovery afterward.

Mars Sextile Mars Synastry

When two planets sextile each other, it’s like they are sharing a secret. They understand each other in a way that is hard to put into words.

If Mars shows up as sextile in two people’s natal charts, it means that the two individuals can relate to each other and often avoid conflicts due to a deep understanding of each other.

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This doesn’t mean that they necessarily see the world in the exact same way, but they are similar enough to feel like they are speaking the same language when expressing their needs and desires.

Since Mars is the planet of action, this sextile can be a very helpful aspect when it comes to taking joint action towards a shared goal. This goal could be anything from a business venture to planning a vacation together.

Most importantly, these two people will enjoy and put energy into building an ideal lifestyle together. They aren’t just concerned with their own happiness, but also with creating a life that is satisfying for both of them.

This sextile can also be helpful in the bedroom, as both people will be more inclined to experiment and try new things. There is a mutual understanding that each person’s needs are important, so there is less pressure to perform or meet expectations.

Mars Sextile Mars Synastry Issues

However, since Mars can also bring out the more aggressive side of people, it is important to be aware of how this energy will affect you and your relationship.

If you are not careful, the energy of Mars can lead to arguments and even physical confrontations. Therefore, it is important to use this energy wisely and channel it into positive activities.

Some ways to do this are by engaging in physical activity, such as sports or working out, or by channeling your energy into creative pursuits, such as art or music.

If you find yourself getting angry or frustrated easily, it may be helpful to take a break from each other and spend some time alone to calm down. It is also important to communicate openly with each other about your needs and desires. By doing this, you can avoid misunderstandings and potential arguments.

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What Mars Means In Astrology

Mars is the planet of action, energy, and aggression. It is associated with the qualities of assertiveness, courage, and determination. Mars also governs sex, anger, and war.

It is ruled by the element of fire, which explains why Mars is considered to be a hot, fiery planet. When Mars is strong in a person’s chart, it can indicate a forceful personality.

Aries is the astrological sign that is associated with Mars, and it is the first sign of the zodiac. This makes sense because Aries is all about new beginnings and taking initiative.

People with strong Mars energy tend to be natural leaders. They are often pioneers and trailblazers, as they are not afraid to take risks.

Mars also represents our primal instincts and desires. It is the planet of passion and can indicate a strong sex drive.

If Mars is poorly aspected in a person’s chart, it can indicate aggression, anger, and impulsiveness. This can make it difficult for a person to control their temper.

When Mars is weak or afflicted in a chart, it can also indicate timidity, passivity, and indecisiveness.

Is Mars Good in Astrology?

Mars, like any other planet in astrology, is neither good nor bad. It simply is what it is.

However, Mars can become problematic if it is not well-aspected in a person’s chart. This can lead to difficulties in controlling one’s temper and impulses.

Mars also becomes challenging when it is in difficult alignment with other planets in a person’s chart. This can create issues in synastry, or the astrology of relationships.

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However, when Mars is well-aspected, it can indicate a strong will, high energy levels, and a fearless nature. This can be very helpful in achieving one’s goals.

What Does A Sextile Mean In Astrology?

Sextile Aspect

A sextile is a minor aspect that occurs when two planets are 60 degrees apart. This aspect is considered to be supportive and helpful.

The sextile indicates that the two planets are working together harmoniously, which can make it easier to manifest your desires.

Sextiles can also indicate opportunities for growth and expansion. This is because the planets involved are working together to help you achieve your goals.

Sextiles are generally considered to be positive aspects, but they can also become challenging if one of the planets involved is poorly aspected in a person’s chart.

In synastry, sextiles can indicate that two people have compatible energy levels and can be good partners for each other.

The sextile is not as powerful as the conjunction, trine, or square, but it can still be a helpful aspect.

What Is A Synastry In Astrology?

Synastry is the astrology of relationships. It is the study of how two people’s charts interact with each other.

Synastry can be used to understand the dynamics of a relationship and to see how two people will interact with each other.

Synastry can also be used to find potential areas of difficulty in a relationship.

When two people’s charts are in synastry, the planets involved will interact with each other. The nature of these interactions will depend on the planets involved and the aspects between them.

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In general, harmonious aspects between two people’s charts (such as trines and textiles) indicate that the relationship is likely to be easy and enjoyable.

Difficult aspects (such as squares and oppositions) can indicate that the relationship will have its challenges. However, these challenges can also lead to growth and transformation.

In order to do a synastry reading, you will need the birth charts of both people involved. Synastry readings can be done by an experienced astrologer or you can use an online tool.

The Bottom Line

Mars sextile Mars brings together all of the power that Mars has into one harmonious package. This can be a very helpful and supportive aspect, but it can also become challenging if one of the planets involved is poorly aspected in a person’s chart.

If Mars is going sextile in your birth chart, make sure to seize the moment and use this powerful energy to manifest your desires. And if you are in a relationship with someone whose Mars is sextile to yours, enjoy the compatible energy levels and use this aspect to create a strong foundation for your relationship.

In both cases, Mars is a powerful planet, and this aspect should not be taken lightly. Use the energy of this aspect wisely, and it can bring you great rewards.