Mercury Square Neptune

Mercury Square Neptune

People with the Mercury square Neptune aspect are compassionate and intuitive dreamers. As children, they could play alone for hours and with very few toys needed. Their imagination ran wild, and they spent large portions of their time daydreaming.

Mercury square Neptune people are not easily bored. Even as adults, any time they have a moment to themselves, they fly off to a fantasy world or their favorite pretend scenarios.

The Perks Of Being A Mercury Square Neptune

Because their realities and minds are so wide open, Mercury square Neptune people are willing to see many perspectives.

This aspect makes them highly compassionate, understanding, and intuitive to others’ needs.

Mercury square Neptune people have a remarkable ability to visualize and conceptualize like no others. They also make fantastic storytellers, which, in the right setting, is an asset.

These natives have a gift for picking up on others’ moods and anticipating future events or trends. This ability makes them excellent chess players- metaphorically and literally.

Mercury square Neptune individuals spend a lot of time in their heads, and as a result, they have some psychic abilities. Unfortunately, they have difficulty separating psychic experiences from the constant daydreams and may chalk their psychic abilities up to just another fantasy.

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They also have a fascinating ability to excel as creatives. These individuals are incredible writers, musicians, and artists. They also make for great magicians, entertainers, and tricksters.

The Flaws Of A Mercury Square Neptune Human

Unfortunately, being an escapist has its drawbacks.

In a natal chart, Mercury Neptune square says the person will be haunted by big expectations for their entire life. They also have trouble focusing on the task at hand and taking and receiving instructions is difficult.

They are very likely to exaggerate their stories to sound better or more enjoyable than they really were. Living in a fantasy land all of the time makes them find the real world a bit dull, so they feel the need to embellish their stories to bring interest back into their lives.

If a Mercury square Neptune feels cornered, they will lie and deceive without a second thought in order to free themselves from any uncomfortable situation. At first, they will consciously notice that they are telling little lies. Over time, though, Mercury square Neptune people will believe their own embellishments.

If this character flaw isn’t immediately worked on, they will begin falling down a slippery slope that leads them to become persuasive and eventually downright manipulative. They have to catch the lies and correct themselves consciously, or they will tell larger and larger lies, finally pushing those they love away and losing all of their credibility.

Remember how Mercury square Neptune is compassionate, understanding, and intuitive to others’ needs because of their open minds? That can also be a drawback.

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Since they can see and understand so many sides, they are prone to being vague or even seem apathetic. They don’t form strong opinions on many topics, simply because they know that the world isn’t black and white.

While this is a sign of great compassion, it can be frustrating for others who live and work with Mercury square Neptune people. They are often perceived as spineless pushovers or even two-faced because of their ability to flip-flop on perspectives so quickly.

Mercury square Neptune individuals are also prone to procrastination or quitting before even beginning. This is because they hop from one fantasy to another very quickly, leaving little time to live and try out the new projects or ideas they dreamed up.

Mercury square Neptune people are also very susceptible to short-term memory loss.

How Mercury Square Neptune People Can Improve

If you are a Mercury Square Neptune, you need to learn how to separate the real world from daydreams and tell the difference between psychic experiences and your thoughts.

Your chaotic thinking can make it hard for others who aren’t similar to you to relate to you.

1 End the Tall Tales Cycle

If you start to embellish a story, stop yourself from continuing. If you must continue on, mentally make a big red sticky note that it was a lie. If you keep doing this, overtime you will break your tall-tale-telling habits.

Make no mistake, fantasizing and daydreaming are part of who you are; no harm will come from this reality escape that you craft for yourself. Just make sure you periodically remind yourself that the fantasy is a fantasy and not reality. This will create a positive impact on your life and help you to stay reasonably grounded.

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2 How to Thrive Around Other People

Succeeding at Work as a Mercury Square Neptune

You must also learn how to create, set, and follow routines for yourself. This will help you better manage your reality.

Your thinking is constantly distorted, at least a little, at all times. Find a trusted confidant, mentor, or even a lawyer to look over all of your business and legal matters.

Your misinterpretations can cause many issues for you. Learn how to control and ground your mind on command, so you can work more effectively. Keep a journal or agenda, take pictures, or record conversations. Find what works for you, and then use that tool relentlessly.

If it’s possible, find a career that works with your gifts, not against them.

Embracing the Fantasy

Become a fantasy writer, stand-up comedian, artist, photographer, or musician. If those positions aren’t an option for you, find a job that encourages multitasking.

Utilize Your Psychic Gifts

Use your intuition and ability to read others as journalists, investigators, counselors, hypnotists, meditation coaches, or diplomats. Or use your knowledge to predict future events by working as a financial investor, planner, or marketer.

Succeeding in Life in General as a Mercury Square Neptune

You will be misunderstood a lot. When you are misunderstood over and over, you become prone to anxiety and crippling insecurities. You are naturally sensitive, so others’ irritation with you and their criticism and rejection hurt you more than they do the average person.

Your go-to coping mechanism is hiding away in your mind, but doing this will only perpetuate the cycle.

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Find other like-minded, free-spirited individuals and find refuge in their friendships. Usually, these friends are spiritual and artistic, so use your hobbies as a means to forge your friendships.

How To Stay Away From Catastrophic Trouble

  • Do not exacerbate your sensitivities. You are susceptible to this, so simply avoid it at all costs.
  • Stop the lies. Stay away from frauds, scandals, and other shady endeavors.
  • Don’t join cult-like organizations. Don’t trust that convincing conspiracy theory.
  • Avoid pushy salespeople, people seeking investors, and loan sharks.And absolutely stay away from drugs and alcohol.
  • These substances enable your daydreams in a very harmful way. Drugs and alcohol can distort your perception of reality to the point where it will be difficult, if not impossible, for you to find your way back. Especially since you are so vulnerable to developing addictions.

Mercury’s Significance

In Roman times, Mercury was known as a trickster. He was also curious, adaptable, communicative, but also critical, indecisive, and anxious.

In Astrology, Mercury determines how people perceive their reality, create ideas, and communicates them with others.

Mercury also combines mysteries of the imagination with memories.

Neptune’s Significance

In Roman times, Neptune was the god of the Sea and had a caring, human-like personality. When he fell into depression, he would pointlessly wander around and moan and bellow “louder than a humpback whale”.

Neptune controls dreams, daydreams, magic, and spirituality. It is all about the forces that are unseen.

Neptune inspires, but can also upset or confuse people. It is also associated with chaos, confusion, lethargy, escapism, and being a gullible person.

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The Mercury Square Neptune Transit

During this transit, it is crucial to avoid tasks and responsibilities that require a lot of logic. This time lowers everyone’s sources of energy and is quite draining. Everyone is daydreaming during this time, but this statement is especially true for Mercury square Neptune individuals.

During this time, they are more susceptible to falling for con-artists and scammers. Avoid making any critical decisions.

There are benefits of the Mercury square Neptune Transit too. All signs are more open during this time, and even though their judgment is cloudy, everyone will spend more time freely thinking.

Do not use this time to write persuasive essays, craft presentations, or attempt to close deals. It is also the wrong time to ask others about their wants and needs (because they won’t really know).

Mercury Square Neptune Conclusion

Mercury square Neptune is a wild and wonderful aspect that creates dreamers, psychics, problem solvers, artists, and intuitive creatives.

It also clouds judgment, creates lethargy, and opens doors for tricks and deceit, so tread lightly.