Mars In The 12th House – Desire and the Unseen

Mars In The 12th House

Combining the god of war with the house of mysteries seems like a recipe for disaster. However, there’s much more going on with Mars in the 12th house placement than meets the eye.

This is perfectly natural for the house of mysteries in the unseen. Mars in the 12th house presents us with plenty of challenges, but it also opens the door for unique opportunities.

If you thought that Mars in the 12th house was inherently negative or dangerous, it’s time that we reevaluated this astrological combination.

Mars – Hunger And Passion

Mars is the god of war, and it’s only natural that this planet governs our drive, passion, and hunger.

Mars gets us in touch with the reason we get out of bed in the morning and the reason we push through difficult times to overcome the challenges that life what’s on our way.

Mars is all about your personal energy and what gets you going. Yes, Mars is also the planet in charge of our sex drive as well as the key player in sexual attraction and desirability.

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The 12th House – DANGEROUS (Or Is It?)

The 12th house has a reputation of being the spookiest, most potentially dangerous, or even outright scary of all the 12 astrological houses.

However, this is due to popular misconceptions about what the 12th house actually represents and what it means for it to show up in a natal chart.

The 12th house governs the unconscious and the unseen. This is the house of things without physical forms which range from the great mysteries of the universe to the mundane corners of our own minds. This house represents amazing potential for people who are ready to face its challenges.

What Does Mars In The 12th House Mean?

Mars in the 12th house connects our drive and desire to the world of the mystic in the unseen. This creates powerful emotions, personal challenges, but also presents us with opportunities to grow on a very deep and meaningful level.

Let’s take a look at a few character traits of individuals with a natal Mars in the 12th house placement.

1 Strange Happenings

A common life occurrence for people with a Mars in the 12th house placement is that strange things are going to happen during their life. This goes above and beyond the odd occurrences that happened to most people. It can even include encounters with the paranormal.

These strange occurrences might seem a little invasive, but this is just the way of the 12th house. Mars has its own assertive energy to the mix which makes these strange happenings much more direct.

It’s best to face these occurrences with a firm footing rather than attempting to sidestep them or hide from life’s odd twists and turns.

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2 Finding Ways to Vent Strong Emotions

Mars placements are known for their difficulty in managing anger. This is as an assertive planet that makes his presence known, but that can be troubled by the secretive and suspicious nature of the 12th house.

The key to facing this challenge is to find ways that safely vent naturally occurring anger. Don’t let your suspicious side overcome your natural desire for compassion.

3 Mars Discovers Compassion

We don’t often associate compassion with Mars, but when placed in the 12th house this becomes a very compassionate planet. The directed-energy of Mars is tempered by the unseen coolness of the 12th house.

This naturally creates a mix of energies that helps people to lead with their compassion first. Trust in this desire to help other people, and it can even help mitigate some strong emotions and anger that comes with Mars in the 12th house.

4 Be Open to Travel

Individuals with a Mars in the 12th house placement are known to get a little too comfortable sometimes. These are individuals that have a bit of a bad habit of becoming reclusive and sinking and to their own unseen position.

A great way to counteract that is to lead with the naturally outgoing character of Mars. Being open to travel is an excellent way to stay connected to the physical world.

Whether you’re exploring new neighborhoods in your hometown or heading overseas, being open to travel is a great way to balance out Mars in the 12th house.

5 Watch Out for Debt

If you have a Mars in the 12th house placement, you’re going to need to watch your finances.

This astrological combination is a little prone to getting into debt. It can be hard to manage that under the best of circumstances, but having a Mars in the 12th house placement in your natal chart makes it a little bit more challenging.

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There’s something secretive and unseen about the machinations of financing and debt. If you have a Mars in the 12th house placement, try to draw from the assertive energy of Mars and the natural intuition of the 12th house to avoid bad financial moves and understand the implications of loans and business decisions.

6 Sensitive and Spiritual

Here’s another character twist that comes with having a Mars in the 12th house placement in your natal chart. This is a prominent Mars placement that is also known for being sensitive and spiritual.

The 12th house has a way of adding sensitivity and spiritual inclinations to any planet that it intersects with. When your Mars is in the 12th house, that sensitivity is going to naturally connect with the energy that Mars brings.

This might mean about your more romantically, and even sexually, attracted to individuals that you have a strong emotional bond with. You might be less about physical looks and more about what this person brings to you emotionally.

7 Find Ways to Share Your Compassion

One thing that individuals with a natal Mars in the 12th house placement should strive to do is share their natural compassion.

The natural leadership that comes from Mars is going to pick up a lot of sympathy and compassion from the 12th house. Explore where this leads you in life, and you will find yourself calmed by how you help others.

8 Embrace the Strange

The last personality trait for individuals with Mars in the 12th house has to do with their relationship to the strange occurrences we started this list with.

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It can be natural to want to run away from the unusual curveballs the Mars in the 12th house throws your way. However, this is just part of your life, and you need to find ways to embrace the strange.

This might seem a little odd, but learning to embrace the odd quirks that Mars in the 12th house brings your way is one of the best ways to balance its otherwise disruptive energy.

Mars In The 12th House Relationships

Mars in the 12th house has some unique effects when it comes to our relationships.

The first thing that you want to look out for is that the combination of the sexual drive of Mars and the mysterious nature of the 12th house. This naturally creates someone who attracts people very easily, but can have difficulty converting that into a long-term relationship.

Mars in the 12th house is an intense astrological combination and this means that the relationships might be a little rocky.

The key here is to find a partner who has corresponding astrological signs that can approach these rocky emotional seas with a calm hand that’s ready to show love and support even when things get a little shaken up.

Mars In The 12th House Transit

When Mars transits through the 12th house, your drive and your energy will intersect your dreams.

This is a time of intense dreaming. These dreams are often revelatory and show you, often uncomfortable, deeper truths about your life.

It’s worth taking some time to retreat a little bit during a Mars in the 12th house transit. Reflect on these dreams and see where they’re taking you.

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However, don’t completely withdraw from your life during this transit and strive to balance these assertive mystic energies with your day-to-day life.

Is Mars In The 12th House Good Or Bad?

Many people believe that Mars in the 12th house is a bad astrological combination that leads to negative impacts on a person’s character and life.

However, it’s more accurate to see Mars in the 12th house as placing an individual at the center of a confluence between intense personal energy and a connection with the unseen world.

This provides an individual with their fair share of challenges in life, but it also opens the door to a greater compassion and understanding that’s difficult to attain.

Mars in the 12th house represents an intense balancing act and can be a difficult path to walk, but the rewards are more than worth it.

Wrapping Up Mars In The 12th House

Individuals with Mars in the 12th house natal placements are going to need to look to the cooler aspects of their natal chart in order to balance the intensity that comes from Mars in the 12th house.

Be open to new experiences, even if they might feel out of your comfort zone or more than a little strange. There’s a world out there full of mysteries and someone with a Mars in the 12th house placement is poised to take charge into the unknown.

Just make sure to give yourself the space and time you need to keep a level head while exploring some of life’s most challenging spaces.