Moon Sextile Mars Synastry

Moon Sextile Mars Synastry

Synastry can be a complicated and labyrinthine exploration of the relationship between two people. How our signs and planets intersect can tell us a lot about our friendships and romantic relationships.

The Moon Sextile Mars Synastry is one of the most classic examples of a casually positive connection. More often than not, this is a wonderful pairing that will help bring two people closer together and fuel a healthy relationship.

However, it’s always worth reading the fine print and that’s why we’re going to go over the details of the Moon Sextile Mars Synastry.

Moon Sextile Synastry

Moon Sextile Synastry

Sextiles are always good when it comes to connections between two signs.

Your Moon sextile means that a new pathway for emotional growth is going to open up between the Moon and the other sign. This bodes well for synastry and is a great sign for friendships as well as romantic relationships.

Let’s see how a Moon Sextile Mars shapes a relationship.

Moon Sextile Mars Synastry – Adding Spice To Your Relationship

The key takeaway of a Moon sextile Mars synastry is that this pairing of planetary bodies is going to mean good things ahead for your relationship. However, this only applies to a relationship that is already good to begin with.

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These are just a few of the iconic ways that a Moon sextile Mars synastry emerges in a romantic or platonic relationship.

1 Bringing Turmoil to a Bad Foundation

Let’s start with the rare, but bad news.

If the rest of your synastry isn’t looking so good, your Moon Sextile Mars might be a source of negative tension rather than positive.

The emotional support that forms the bedrock of the Moon Sextile Mars synastry can become imbalanced depending on the rest of your chart. This might not be enough to break a relationship on its own, but it certainly throws a wrench into the gears of even the most healthy and functioning relationships.

The good news here is that this is a fairly rare occurrence. Most synastries that have a Moon Sextile Mars are incredibly positive.

Here’s how that breaks down in real terms.

2 Heating Up an Already Stable Relationship

A Moon Sextile Mars synastry is often a subtle influence to your relationship as a whole.

This combination usually doesn’t have enough power to fully shape your entire relationship. It is, however, a driving force that will help improve your relationship and bring your connection even closer together over time.

The Moon and Mars have a very unique way of supporting each other. This emerges both as a youthful excitement and as a source of emotional growth. It can also heat things up in the bedroom.

If you have an otherwise stable and healthy relationship and you find that you have a Moon Sextile Mars, this just might be that certain special something that makes a good relationship into a great relationship.

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3 Emotional Support for the Mars Partner

Throughout history and cultures, Mars has always been the planet of warriors.

Mars is associated with a bold decision maker that isn’t afraid to take risks. Like the legendary warriors of old, the Mars aspect of the Moon Sextile Mars can become injured in battle. Whether this individual is a literal warrior or they are leading the charge in their own way, they need a safe place to return to where they can heal.

The Moon individual in this sextile provides this healing. This is a vital aspect of balancing these two relationships.

A Mars individual can find it difficult to put down their proverbial sword and rest for a moment. The Moon Sextile Mars creates an environment that is calming and comforting in which Mars can’t help but rest for a change.

In a way, the Moon individual is offsetting some of the challenges the Mars individual is going to naturally face. This helps a stable relationship bond much more easily.

4 Encouragement for Moon Placements

The Moon governs emotion. Where Mars is known for its bold and decisive action and striking at a moment’s notice, the Moon is a slower force that tends to turn inward rather than outward.

This can lead to some difficulties for the individual with the Moon placement. Whether this manifests as an unhealthy passivity or indecisiveness, the Moon individual might need a little help striking out on their own.

This is where Mars comes in. The individual with the Mars placement is going to be able to support their Moon partner as they learn to adopt some of the warrior traits of Mars.

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Where the Moon was providing Mars a safe place to lay down and rest, Mars will be helping the Moon ready itself for battle. This might not take the form of pushing the Moon person out of their comfort zone, but could be nothing more than a gentle and guiding hand helping the Moon individual find their inner confidence.

There’s a tension that underlies the emotional balance between the Moon and Mars.

5 Physical Tension (In a Good Way)

The tension between the Moon and Mars becomes something magical when they align through the sextile.

As you might have already guessed, this won’t shape the entirety of the physical relationship between these two individuals, but it will provide a necessary heat to warm up even the chilliest of evenings.

A Moon Sextile Mars won’t be the defining aspect of these individual sexuality, but it will be a constant and affirming presence that makes sure that the passion never fades even in a long-term relationship.

Part of this draws from the natural emotional support that a Moon Sextile Mars generates. When two individuals share this kind of emotional exchange, it will naturally draw them together and that includes bringing them into physical contact.

The key part of the way a Moon Sextile Mars becomes romantic is through its youthful energy.

6 Bringing Youth and Vibrancy

This constant emotional interplay means that nothing will ever be stagnant. There’s always going to be a flowing exchange of emotional support moving between the Moon and Mars individuals.

This will radiate outward to the rest of the relationship. A couple with a Moon Sextile Mars will rarely find themselves feeling stagnant. When they do realize it’s time to change things out, they won’t have a problem making a decision together and spicing up their relationship.

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7 Moon Sextile Mars Friendships

Even though synastries are commonly used to understand romantic relationships, they are also very useful for understanding personal friendships.

Having a Moon Sextile Mars Synastry in your friendship is a great sign. This is a sign of mutual stability that will grow over time between two individuals. The emotional intelligence of the Moon combined with the bold and assertive personality of Mars will allow these two individuals to fit together like long-lost puzzle pieces.

However, if the rest of the synastry doesn’t look good, there can be greater tensions that make a Moon Sextile Mars a source of annoyance rather than comfort.

Looking At Moon Sextile Mars And The Whole Synastry

Taurus and Cancer as well as Scorpio and Capricorn are two combinations that should be wary about putting so much weight on their Moon Sextile Mars Synastry.

These two combinations of signs have an imbalance in either the Moon or Mars. When one or both of these planetary bodies are weak, it can cause the whole affair to become out of balance.

This can be that one individual desires the relationship fiercely while the other is only passively interested, or it can lead to a mismatch of emotional investment.

Taurus and Cancer as well as Scorpio and Capricorn should look to the rest of their synastries when seeking to understand their relationship.

This is good advice for understanding synastry as a whole. Often in relationships, we tend to get too focussed on certain aspects of our synastry and forget to look at the whole chart. Synastry is a tapestry that combines every aspect of two people’s charts together into a much larger picture. A Moon sextile Mars is certainly a great sign, but it is not the whole picture.

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A Good Sign For This Relationship

If you have a strong relationship with powerful foundations, your Moon Sextile Mars Synastry is going to lead to an energetic and fulfilling relationship.

The person with the Moon aspect is going to bring a sense of emotional calm and healing to the warrior Mars while the Mars individual provides personal strength for the Moon. The Moon Sextile Mars also leads to physical tension which often heats up as a fulfilling sexual relationship.

Whether you’ve been together for years or you are on the dating scene, if things are looking good and you have a Moon Sextile Mars Synastry, sparks are going to fly.